Why Does This Guy Want Me To Rate Him 1-10?

OK so the only thing I don't get is why he wants me to rate him (we're both in high school so it seems pretty childish). He's a player so he pretty much flirts with any girl and he already said that he's never gonna get married unless he finds this one special girl. So why does he even care or ask what I'd rate him?


Most Helpful Girl

  • he just wants to boost his ego. he probably thinks he looks good (and he might actually) but to have a girl confirm will make his day. he's not insecure...just annoying


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  • I have a friend exactly like this. A player, who claims to be looking for that special girl. He is pretty much trying to boost his ego and also flirt with you.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd say he might like you, and wants to see what you think about him.. or he could just be an egotistical jerk looking for a boost.. it really depends on the guy.. 5 different guys could ask that and it could mean something completely different to each of them..


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