How to tell a girl that you think she's pretty, without sounding creepy about it?

quick question for all of you. If a random guy just walked up to you and just said "you look cute today", would you think he's a creep?

if so, what are other lines for a guy to just tell a girl that he thinks she's pretty without sounding creepy.

for example, if your busy working and some random guy who thinks your cute just said hello and initiated a small conversation and then before he leaves he just states that he thinks your cute. would you feel shy?


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  • If it's someone I've never talked to (especially if it's some old guy), I'd be freaked out. However, if I just had a short conversation with you or somehow knew you, you'd have made my day (as long as you don't have a reputation of being a player). Even though I may not express the gratitude you deserve at the time, it doesn't mean I don't believe you or am unappreciative, it's just that I'm probably very surprised (and probably slightly trying to figure out if you're being genuine) at the moment. Hope that helped :)

    • so what your saying is a polite, small, casual conversation is what helps before you say something like that? ... ha ha it makes sense, I suppose

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    • That would be one example but also when both go up and down repetitively. That one's worse.

    • lol, I'll remember that

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  • That happened to me! I was really happy for the rest of the day, and I was just so confident. I think the way a guy should do it (if you don't want to initiate conversation) is say something along the lines of "Hey, I just really wanted to let you know that I think you look (insert adjective pretty/cute/beautiful) today. Not to sound like a creep or anything, but I just really wanted to tell you that."

    That's how I would do it, if I were a guy :)

  • i don't think it would be creepy at all but only if you plan on making further conversation. girls love getting compliments but only if they know them or are about to talk to them

  • If you said ''today'' I would be creeped out, because that means he saw me before today and I haven't seen him ... stalker? Haha

    But if a guy walked up to me and said: ''Hi...what are you listening to?'' (I always listen to music), --and this often happens, I always engage and we have a nice talk and listen to music together...

    And then exchange numbers (if we're both single then)...

    If you really want to concentrate on commenting on her looks, just start a conversation and as you said, lastly compliment her by saying she's cute/pretty/beautiful/enthralling...

    • so whether I mention the word "today" determines if I'm a stalker or not. lol

    • Haha I guess...

      Just listen to yourself when you say it ... or read it there where you wrote it ... It does sound a bit scary if that person doesn't know you already.

      But everything else sounds about right. Just go with your gut.

  • If a guy went up to me and said that I looked cute, that would make my day :)

    • well that's what most girls say but most girls I say that to, just say thanks. But it seems more unappreciated, because they don't smile or anything. Are they just shocked and don't know how to react? lol

    • It might surprise a girl that she is being told this and does not know how to automatically react. On the inside though, they are bubbling with joy because they were noticed and got someone's attention.

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  • Say a "cute" girl would physically rate as a 7 and above, as in, prettier than 70% of women. And say 100% of men found her cute and told her. How many such men would this girl come across every day? At least 10, possibly 50. Say only 1/10 has the guts to tell her... that's still a lot of men telling her, and none of them getting anything out of it.

    I have a suggestion for you.

    You wrote about a random guy who thinks a girl is cute... and hello and initiates a small conversation... AND THEN you added "before he leaves he just states that you are cute".

    Well I have an AMAZING IDEA FOR YOU.

    It will work a lot of the time. Maybe not all of the time, but some of the time is better than never. Here is what you say... instead of "You are cute".

    You say...

    "Give me your phone number, I wanna talk to you again".

    While handing her a pen and paper, or handing her your phone set to record a new phone number. Ideally, you should have asked her name a few sentences prior.

    Just do it. Do this to 2-3 girls a day, you'll easily get 6 numbers a week. And instead of being a guy who tells random girls they are pretty, you will be a guy who gets to date one of them.

    Do it.

    • k, I like your answer and somehow I understood all of it. But I don't rate the girls I see by percentage comparison to other girls.

      When I see a girl that's cute, I only think of her. Not about the other 70%. well, how much of douche would I be if I just said I wanted her number and I wanted to talk to her again, then I hand her a pad and pen with 4 other numbers written on it? haha. no bueno.

      I don't want an army of girls to ask out. I want just THAT one that I see. ya know?

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    • Finally, you don't want an army of girls to ask out... but the thing is, to get THAT one, you need to go through rejection. You tell her she is cute and she isn't gonna stop, look at you, and set up a date. By asking for her phone number to continue later, you let her know you are interested, and she can find out if she likes you by accepting to go on a date when you call her (or you can try to go for an instant-date).

      If you succeed with this girl, then you no longer need to do this.

    • my question wasn't how to get with the girl man lol. I just wanted to know how to only tell her that she's cute. I didn't want to know how to get 20 girls phone number

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