What do you consider preppy?

Alright, here is the question.

Girls, do you like guys that dress preppy?

What style do you think is preppy? lol
Is this an attractive style?


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    • Don't you think that the last two are a little more professional and maybe a bit artsy as opposed to preppy?

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    • i guess idk. When I think of preppy I think pastels, loafers, khakis, layers and collared shirts

      like this link

    • I would agree with that, lol.

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  • Hmm I'd say a guy is preppy if he wears a lot of polo shirts, khaki pants, plaid shorts, cut off jeans, etc.

    It's not my personal preference but I'm not going to insult anyone's style. I'm more of a indie girl myself so yeah :) If that's how you dress that's your choice and you will find girls who like it.

  • dark jeans, polo shirt, cardigan.. I think it's an extremely attractive style

  • No, and preppy is shops at hollister and a&f

    • Hey , I shop at A&F and sometimes Hollister.

    • Then you are preppy, I just don't like the style or the price you pay for it, but what ever floats your boat

  • khaki pants,polo shirts,loafer shoes,ties...

    • Wearing a tie with a polo shirt isn't preppy, it's ugly

    • I didn't say wearing that together...im giving examples of clothing I consider preppy. :)

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  • preppy is when you spend too much for one pair of pants. ha!

    • no that's wigger lmao *no racist*

    • no wigger would be white guys trying to act black by dropping their pants real low and wearing oversized shirts, with jewelry

    • haha yeah I know, but they spend a ton of money on crappy jeans that are all bedazzled and sh*t.

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