Is it possible for the nerd to get the hot girl?

Is it real or is it fake? What you see on television all the time, the nerdy guy getting the hot girl of his dreams. Is that only a fantasy or is there hot girls out there who would actually give the ugly nerdy guy a chance?

Despite all the yes and no on here it seems as though no one has a definite clue as to how the nerd can get the hot girl. Its a long explaination but to put it simple the answer is yes. The nerd is very likely to get the hot girl.
I was asked to explain. Its all about chemistry to its core. Think about this. If the asshole guy can get the girl simply by abusing her mentally then the nerdy guy can get the girl by literally 'boring' her. It sounds far-fetched and even down right stupid but its a strange thing, this chemistry. For further explaining here's a link that goes into long detail. Be prepared to read.



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  • I doubt it. Most of the "hot girls" I know date within their group. The "hot guys".

    TV is fake. It's not even based on reality. I think the whole ugly guy/hot girl thing is to make guys feel better about themselves or make them think "hey, I like this show because it makes me feel like I could get a hot girl!"

    • actually I'm dating a "hot" girl and I'm avg. id say..she likes me because of how I treat her. women want to be treated well, regardless of looks. its just that some girls would rather be with the good looking jerk because that's what theyre used to.

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  • I have always been attracted to "nerdy" guys. I have always done well academically and I'm not terrible on the eyes so whenever I came across a guy who understood and learned faster than I did, I couldn't help but be so attracted to their mind and everything with it. It did concern me though when those boys would try to alter their looks or behavior. I'd take a brain over a face any day. It's so hot!

  • I've seen it happen, it's definitely possible. But the nerd has to be assertive, confident, and believe in himself, which is usually the opposite of what people consider a nerd. So in other words, he can be into Star Wars and speak Klingon but he has to believe in himself, not be a doormat, and stand up for himself and his woman and be socially/emotionally flexible.

    • so what you're saying is we can be into the fantasy stuff but we have to understand we still live in reality and know how to deal with reality?

    • I'm always up for pon far and I would definately fall into the hot girl arena

  • I would try to help him with his fashion and style issues if he's truly a good guy then I'd date him. but I'm pretty picky who I go out with and so far haven't gone out with a nerdy type of guy yet. I would rather date a nerdy guy because hopefully he's intelligent but he'd have to work harder to connect with me and vice versa.

    I would want someone who is truly a good person and not someone who is just after a hot girl..

  • Key word: Ugly

    I personally love nerds~ if I meet a really hot guy who has never heard of Zelda, it's a turn off :C

    But it's the nerds that huddle around their computers looking at pikachu p*rn that wig me out (like the stupid guys in my Comp Sci class -__-)

    Anyway... yes.

    • omg.. that's hilarious.

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    • so what your saying is he's gotta be a "cool nerd"? as in he can be nerdy but not show it when your around your friends..

    • Uhh... no, I didn't say that, lol

      Yeah! Let him geek out around my friends!

      Lol, I love it~

  • Honestly most of the guys who go up and hit on pretty girls are the drunks/cocky/guys just wanting anygirl... The jerks who girls don't want

    but the girls go for them because the jerks actually go up and ask them out. It's as simple as that. If you want a hot girl- talk to her- it's no harder than the theoretical physics of string theory or loop quantum gravity if you prefer it

    • i know what the string theory is. but I've never heard of loop quantum gravity. I'm a nerd myself (yes I openly admit it) but I've never heard of it

    • I have my own theory but it won't fit in this box- anyway

      question asker- what exactly do you look like? Because we are living in a pretty developed world right now and out and out ugly is hard to find. But like some other girls said you can change slight things about your apparence without changing anything else. Be like me, uber Trekkie on the inside 1950s pinup doll on the outside(boy version of course) think Tony stark, Kirk, Han, or that guy who declinded the fields metal(with a shave...)

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  • It's possible but NOT in the way it's normally portrayed in TV and movies. In those cases, the guy is invariably completely socially awkward, very introverted, can't start or hold a conversation, AND totally dotes on and caters to a girl in every way. All of that is guaranteed to end in failure in real life.

    As all the girls here have said, personality matters. That means you've got to have confidence in yourself, your beliefs and your abilities. It's totally possible to develop your confidence and your social skills--it just takes some dedicated work. Most "nerdy" guys are more than capable of putting in the work to get results. After all--most have done EXACTLY that in other areas of their lives like school and work. Where a lot of them fail is in thinking it's hopeless and in not trying to make any changes to improve their love lives.

    As one of the greatest nerds ever said, "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

  • I think it's tough to say. Since you are in the 18-24 year old range, I'd say that it would be tough. I've never seen stuff like that happen in real life. Besides maybe a few examples, most "cliques" tend to stay close to what they know, meaning someone from their own social circle or one that they can feel comfortable with. So if you are way outside of this by whatever definition of "nerd" that you are, it's going to be down to your abilities to talk to them I'd say.

    One of my buddies Googled something about Hooters girls and happened to find a link that said something along the lines of "Would a Hooters girl ever date anyone other than the really desirable men?". A lot of what the people said (it was on Yahoo Answers) was basically that you would need to be a smooth talker, otherwise no. I guess I could understand this somewhat. If you aren't a "normal" socializer then I'd say it's going to be hard for you to connect with ANYONE, let alone this pretty girl you want to talk to. But I guess if you could speak well enough and could really let her see what you're all about, then they might be alright with you and your so-called nerdiness.

    But I'd say don't listen to me lol, I'm just as lost on the whole topic of girls lately. As much as I want to believe the girls that answered here, I'm still skeptical for some reason. I've only ever seen pretty girls with attractive/desirable guys, so I don't know any different and never have seen it with my own eyes.

    • I was just asking a question my good man. I understand the level of difficulty it is for a mostly unnattractive male to get a sexy popular girl. Which is why it makes such good movies! But in reality it is just nearly impossible.

    • I wouldn't go as far as to say it's nearly impossible, but it does seem like it's a lot harder to do than what most make it seem. I don't know, that's just me.

  • Well, I'm personally on the Trekkie side of the Nerd spectrum (Well, Star Wars: I'm not Super Intelligent but I'm into comics and other things :P)

    During my time, I've yet to even be glanced at with any signs of attraction, so Hollywood is definitely a big fat liar D:

  • Sure, if teh girl is ASian, or if she's just a good woman. Happens a lot more often than yu'd think from the media.

  • Impossible, women are hardwired to be attracted to dominant men, women see nerds as weak, I could go on and on, in other words any nerd would be lucky to be with an ugly girl

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