When did you start wearing makeup on an everyday basis?

PLEASE READ I'm scared about looking too grown-up, so please read the description to have an accurate answer on the poll:
I mean like you'd wear it at least half of the time when you would go to school or go to work, not wear it for special occasion. I'm also not particularly talking about full-glam makeup (if you do wear full-glam on a daily basis, it still counts, though). I'm talking about basic makeup like maybe mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, blush (not all of them but at least one of them). I'm just asking because I'm 14 and I want to wear makeup, but I'm scared of standing out too much and looking too grown-up for my age.
If you're someone who doesn't wear makeup at all, please choose the option that seems the youngest appropriate age to wear makeup on a daily basis.
12 or younger
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13 - 14
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15 - 16
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17 - 18
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Older than 18
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I would only wear it for special occasion in middle school / high school
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READ DESCRIPTION if none of these apply to you
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When did you start wearing makeup on an everyday basis?
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