Girls, what's with the huge tattoos lately?

I don't know if anyone noticed this but me but over the past few years girls transitioned from getting little cutesy tattoos on their ankles and what not to enormous tattoos on their chest and legs. Am I the only one who finds it unattractive? Seriously, it looks dirty, and not in a good way, it looks like the girls have mud smeared on them. Well maybe not that bad, but still, the main problem is that it takes away from the simple beauty of a woman's skin, plus it makes them look like men. Men don't like women who look like men! It doesn't matter what the tattoo is of but how large it is and where its placed. The little hidden cute tattoos are just fine, even sexy, but these enormous tattoos spanning across their entire chest or down their entire thigh... its just repulsive and a total turn off. I see it a lot on like personal ads, on p*rn actresses, and even some supermodels and celebrities. Am I alone in this? Someone help me out here cause I don't understand why the ladies want to scar their bodies for life in that way.
I think everyone's missing the point of this post, and there's a fair amount of girls up in arms about men telling them how to look. That's not what this is about.

THE QUESTION POSED: How many people (both girls and guys) think large tattoos on girls are attractive & how many think it is unattractive, and why? Like, how does it enhance one's appearance? (or degrade?)


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  • I'm so sick of men trying to dictate what they find attractive in women. Like "ok women, all of you have to look a certain way that *I* find attractive."

    Like WTF? Just because you have a penis, women should do whatever you declare to gain your admiration?

    I can't believe it's 2011 and people act like we're still in the Dark Ages :/

    BTW, I don't even have any tats, so it's not even about that for me. It's all the endless question of guys thinking it's perfectly fine to say "OK women, look how *I* want you to look, got that?"

    It's like if you don't want a girl with tats, then don't date a girl with tats. That has nothing to do with all the girls who DO have tats.

    Like "oh no! my pool of f***able women is decreasing with all these tatted up girls!"

    Do you even realize how utterly shallow and self-entitled you sound? Obviously not.

    But nevermind, there's bound to be plenty of insecure and equally shallow women out there for you.

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    • wow lol I sound really angry in this answer haha. oh well, I kinda like it xD

    • Yep, still sounding prideful.

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  • Oh god, the condescending tone of this. That and your smug smile, really giving me some rage right now. Haha, kidding. Mostly.

    A good tattoo is a good tattoo, in my opinion, regardless of gender. And there are some tattoos - chest pieces, back pieces, full sleeves, etc., that are really gorgeous, and really well done, and I consider them a form of art. It's really all personal preference, though, so whatever.

    Here's the thing though: you don't speak for all men. The notion that tattoos make women look like men is ridiculous enough, so ridiculous that I'm not even gonna get into it, but there are plenty of men who like tattoos. Prefer them, even! Or at the very least are neutral about them.

    More importantly though, for most women who get them, it probably doesn't matter. They don't do it for men to find attractive, they do it for themselves. (or maybe they don't even like men, shocker!) Why should they not look a certain way only because you find it unattractive? If you don't like it, don't date them, simple as that, simple as that.

    These "ladies" probably "scar their bodies for life" for the same reason men do. They think it looks good, simple as that.

    • Thanks for your input. I don't know why everyone's getting the idea that I think I am speaking for all men or I am telling women how to dress because my opinion should actually matter to them (how can you even think that I think that?!) I'm more so trying to see if how many people think the tattoos on women look bad or look good and why

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    • and hey! I don't have a smug smile! pfft, what's up with that lol

    • Hahah nah you don't, I was just irritated with you lol, I take that back. :P

  • Am I the only one who finds it unattractive?

    Lots of people don't like tattoos.

    Though I find it odd that tattoos that aren't small & cutesy = manly to you because girls have been getting huge tattoos for quite some time it's not a recent thing.

    Am I alone in this?

    No a lot of people have the same turn off

    I don't understand why the ladies want to scar their bodies for life in that way.

    Because they like it, it's their body, and they have different views than you

    • Well ya, I guess that was just me then, not noticing the bigger tattoos until now, they're usually hidden under clothing anyway. I was looking for more of a specific answer than 'because they like it and its their body', of course I know that, and I know they have different view than you, I'm wondering if there is a deeper meaning in wearing certain tattos (than just fashion)

  • I don't think they're completely disgusting or hideous. They're not for me, but I think a lot of those larger tattoos can end up being amazing pieces of artwork. But if you don't like girls with tattoos, don't date girls with tattoos. Simple as that. There are plenty tattoo-less girls out in the world.

    • Oh I don't date them, this post is just a poke & prod to both guys and girls to see how many truly think these large tattoos are attractive and how many think they are unattractive, and WHY, that's what I really wanna know. Thanks for your contribution :)

    • Ah, I see. You're welcome. :)

  • I haven't really noticed it, but I go by the notion: it's their body and their decision. You don't like it? That's fine, don't date someone with tattoo's that cover half their body. Someone will find them attractive. What I do with my body, isn't any of your concern.

    • I agree, it isn't of my concern (unless we are dating); and ya I stay away from the ladies with the large tattoos. I'm not telling girls to not wear big tattoos or to not express themselves, what right do I have to tell them that? No, I'm asking what is going on in their head that makes them want to go through all the trouble of getting the big tattoo, like what the real payoff is, and does it have a deeper meaning

  • everyone has different taste,and why does it bother you so much,it's just a tattoo,guys always say they want personality over looks. I also doubt you'd kick her out of bed for having a tattoo link

    • true that's what they say, but actions speak more than words :)

    • i know,that's why I said it,to show them what liars they really are :P

    • Nope wouldn't kick her out of bed, she's hot, at least she was smart and put the tattoo on her back and not her chest =P In the long run we all want personality over looks, but personality is not something you can determine in a blink of an eye, like looks, that why looks are the first thing that is judged in both men and women, you can deny it but you know its true ;)

  • It's gross! Male or female! People get meaningless ugly crap permanently tattooed on their body. Bet by the time they're 80 they're regret it lol

    • hehe ya that's true, mostly of those with the big tattoos, just imagine some 85 year old woman topless and she has this huge horse-thing with big wings spread across her chest along with her sagging boobs. Ooooh, now that's an image

    • What? By the time they're 80 they don't give a f*** lol.

    • lol that's true too!

  • I think these days girls think it looks hot on them. And some guys actually find it sexy too... Like, androgyny is the in thing now. In the past, tattoos on women made them look horrible, but it's been more open ever since celebrities started donning them. I don't think it looks disgusting, but I doubt I'll ever do it.

    • Ya good point, and what is up with androgyny, seriously, the only way androgyny makes sense is if everyone in the world is bi-sexual, otherwise all they are doing is looking more like the opposite sex, and unless the other person is bi or gay, they're gonna consider it unattractive. Women aren't attracted to MTF trannies right? It goes the other way too.

  • i have one tattoo (flowers and stuff) around my ankle. is that cute? :P

    it does have a meaning though...anyway, I totally agree with you, big tattoos look bad on girls! makes them look like men! especially on their arms!


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  • Tattoos = attention. Girls love attention, and they get it all the time, so they compete for who gets more attention.

    Girls will say it's all for self-expression, which is in part true, but the main reason girls keep getting bigger tattoos is the same reason they're wearing sluttier clothing, being more sexually promiscuous, and doing more sh*t like going and grinding on a random guy's d*** at a club or frat party: it's for attention.

    • hmm, interesting theory, I wouldn't say all girls fall under that category though

  • I like tattoos on a girl though I know for a fact that girls with ink won't be into a simple looking guy like me. I think they look rad to be quite honest. It's their body anyhow and if you don't like it, don't stare? I'll agree the smaller tattoos are really attractive on a girl but that doesn't mean the elaborate ones are ugly by any means.

    • Interesting opinion, thanks. I'm not saying that girls should never wear big tattoos, just wondering how many others find it unattractive or attractive.

  • there hasn't been any transition, girls have been getting big tatoos for a long time..

    • Uhh, whoever disagreed with this fact is a dumbass. Girls have been getting big tattoos since the 70s

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    • talk stats when your basing this question on just your personal viewpoint? There aren't any stats on girls getting big tattos but there doesn't need to be any. Its common knowledge they have been getting big tats for a LONG time. I don't understand how that makes you angry or upset that you just were ignorant to that fact. Pride maybe?

    • Ya I don't understand what you said, maybe that's because I'm 'ignorant' apparently -.- I'm not angry or upset about this, it was just something that I felt like bringing up at the time. Don't judge me if you don't know me ok.

  • I like a lot of upper body tattoos on girls and I never had a tattoo or piercing and never will get one. I just find them attractive on girls except when they get leg or feet tattoos.

    • Ya I guess all guys have different tastes, that's true. I actually don't mind lower leg or foot tattoos, mostly because its not a sexy body part to begin with, but when they put a huge one on their chest or thigh, it ruins the sexiness of those body parts

    • Complete opposites =p, I can't stand tattoos on the legs especially the colored ones.

    • What do you mean 'opposites', cause I can't stand tattoos on women's thighs, because I'm a thigh-guy, I think thighs are the sexiest part of a womans body, and its such a shame when they ruin it with a huge tattoo.

  • i love tattoos on woman, especially sleeves. ohmuhgosh! kat von d...HOT


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