Men: Short and stocky girls?

How do you feel about girls whoa re on the shorter side (5'1) and are stockier and thicker? I'm not saying obese or fat.

Say she has broad shoulders, and a rounder ribcage. That, and she doesn't exactly have a small waist, but rather the body type is more straight with little difference between the chest and waist?

Maybe not the lightest or skinniest (130 pounds).


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What Guys Said 1

  • If it answers your question, I'd rather have a tree instead of a twig.


What Girls Said 1

  • She's probably more attractive than you make her sound. I'm not a guy but I've seen "stocky" girls that pull guys. It's about how you work it. Doesn't Hayden Patteniere have that body type?

    • Lol, the girl is me (Im sure you guessed that). Hayden kinda does, but she is 5'3 and around 120. But she's definitely not the hourglass shape and she is still a cute girl.

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