Are really wide hips unattractive?

You know , if the girl is overweight but not so overweight and the excess fat is all directed in her hips ,but and thighs . Is that unattractive. YES I am describing myself . I have tO admit I am overweight but I can't be too depressed about it because I used to be obese I lost 55 pounds so far I still have about 30 to go but I just want to know if I'm at least okay looking NOW. My honest description : I'm 5 feet tall (very short I know) people say I have a cute face and I guess I do a little I have a small round nose , medium brown eyes and full lips. . My fat is basically directed in my arms ,hips , but , thighs and little belly not much . I have a small waist BUT I HATE MY HUGE HIPS , NO MATTER WHAT THEY won't GO DOWN ITS GENETIC. Yeah and I'm a C cup. I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING: what is this girl doing describing herself on the internet ? well my answer is that I've been obese my whole life , I gave up on being attractive , I gave up on looking good but now I have a chance I just don't want to think that I might be beautiful when actually I'm still overweight and ugly. SO ARE MY HUGE HIPS SUCH A TRAGEDY?


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  • tbh its hard to answer that question without a pic. But I wouldn't worry about it. Thick hips look good on some girls.


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  • Really attractive to me.


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  • Some guys like big hips, some don't. It's just preference and it's the same with breast size, height, hair color etc. Some prefer small, some prefer big, others simply do not care.

    As to whether it's a "tragedy" that's a little dramatic hun.


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