Is 30F (F cup) bra size in your country considered large?

Most women and girls in my country have breasts that are quite close to flat chested. That’s why some people stare at me when I’m one of the few girls with a medium sized breast. But to people from other countries a 30F is considered average but here 30F is huge according to both genders. That’s what we think about and sometimes some girls and women here will kill to get a 30F. Some of them envied others who are a 30E or 30F. Everyone from different countries have different opinions about a certain breast size. A 30F in Asian countries is considered huge while in other countries it’s only average size. Most women here are petite that’s why their band size is small and they’re almost flat chested but guys don’t seem to mind which is a good thing. At least they don’t expect their partners to be a 30F. He will get scolded and lose a partner if he demands her to be a 30F. If you’re born in a country where almost all the girls and women are almost flat chested you will find that it’s not about the appearance in breast size that guys look for. But it will be a problem if all men here force their partners to go for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgeries are popular here among local women
Is 30F (F cup) bra size in your country considered large?
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