Is Novak Djokovic the best looking Tennis Player ?

I am a huge fan of Novak, and have liked his tennis game for the past few years. I love his story how he worked his way up, training in the mountains of Serbia. I also play tennis for my high school but am nothing compared to Novak. I also think he's a good looking guy, I wouldn't mind looking like him. Any responses ladies or males?

PS, I'm not homo, I am just not insecure and can admit that he is a good looking guy.


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  • I think Novak is totally hot, but I've gotta say, I think Rafael beat him in looks. (: And he doesn't scratch his butt! He's picking a wedgie. We all get them, especially him since he has such a great butt. I think it's cute personally! <3

    • Yeah Novak is a good looker, Nadal beats him? lol because of his tan? hah OK he pretty much does scratch his butt, since it seems like he is constantly doing it but yeah you are right lol I guess he does have a huge arse haha. but I don't know Novak's the man in my opinion.

    • Yeah the tan is a total turn on! I love it when a guy is sun kissed (: NO NO NO. He doesn't NOT scratch his butt! If you watch closely (like I do. Lol) you can see that he's pulling out fabric (: Totally cute. It's not huge, it's muscle-y and toned so his pants are in love with it! <3 Hahahh I agree with you that Novak is completely adorable. I'd date him at the drop of a hat, but there's something about Rafa that just blows my mind. It was love at first sight!

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  • In my opinion, Roger Federer is the cutest tennis player.

    There's something about Novak djokovic that irritates me.

    • Well Federer is a good looking guy also, but I think maybe a few years back he looked better. Is it how confident or cocky Novak is ? I don't know I'm a huge fan of him but most hate him

    • yea, the cocky thing but there's also something about his face which I can't put my finger on but whatever it is I don't like it.

    • hmmh really? I don't know he has a pretty symmetrical face, but I can understand that.

  • Nadal is the best looking IMO


What Guys Said 2

  • The German woman who got to the semis of Wimbeldon ... Oh dear she'd get demolished

    • hahah DUDE YES her name was LISICKI, SHe made sharapova look ugly. Goodness that german girl was gorgeous

    • I've no shame in saying I'd pay to have sex with her... no shame at all


      I melted when I saw this pic...

  • I like Nole but I think Fernando Verdasco Carmona looks the best


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