Can I convince my boyfriend to wear a suit to my sister's wedding?

My sister is getting married next month. My boyfriend is coming and it is the first time he will be meeting my parents. He is very uncomfortable with the whole situation. Because of his discomfort, he said it would be better if he did not have to wear a suit. My sister originally said that he didn't need to but then my mom said he had to since I am in the wedding party. Now it has become this huge ordeal. If he does wear one, he will be annoyed. If he doesn't wear one, my mom will be pissed off.

What can I tell him to try to convince him to wear one without pissing him off?
He does not own a suit. Also, my mom and sister told everyone at the bridal shower that he didn't want to wear a suit so now all the women know.
He's 25. This is lame. I just have to ask him and if he says no, I can't make him.. This will be awkward either way.


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  • Tell him he'll actually feel more comfortable being properly dressed, rather then showing up and realizing he's not dressed properly.

    Does he own a suit that actually fits well? I'm guessing no.

    • Your mom and sister are being bitches, and someone should say something to them.

      How old is your bf? Is he in school or working?

    • I gotta run, so I'll answer in advance:

      - if he's working full time, the man should own a suit, either navy or charcoal grey. NO OTHER COLORS are okay for a first suit. Get what he can afford, go to an alterations tailor and have them make it fit WELL.

      - if he's a student or whatever, he doesn't need one yet. A sportscoat should be fine. He could consider anderson little's blue blazer, its good value for the money and the fabric looks surprisingly good for a blend (though has the durability.

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  • Explain to him that since this is the first impression your mom is going to get of him, and she wants him to wear a suit, that it would really mean a lot to you if he wore a suit. This would give him a opportunity, to show that he respects your family. This is the part of compromise, and give and take, that all relationships go through.

    • What does it matter what all the women do or don't know? Lots of guys don't like wearing a suit. It doesn't make them worse people. I wouldn't be likely to spend the money on a suit, just to go to a wedding, after people told me I didn't have to wear one. I have been to several weddings, wear the only guy that dressed up, was the groom. If this is more of an upscale wedding then you need to explain that to him. Sounds like your mom is not going to give him a chance though.

  • tell him he is going to be more uncomfortable when he shows up and everyone stares at him for not getting ready for the occasion, also, take a poll on this and then show him the poll when everyone agrees you are right.

  • Suits are a big deal. I feel like king kong sh*t whenever I wear one.

    I suggest he does the same.


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  • He needs to suck it up and wear one. that's what people wear to weddings


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