Girls, difference between cute/handsome/hot?

So yeah. I've been called all of these by girls in my life- but what is the difference between all three of them- when you call a guy that...


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  • I use them all interchangeably. My boyfriend hates it when I call him cute, but I really do it because he's done something sweet. I'm not trying to put him down, I'm just trying to compliment him on how he is being really sweet :)

    But I use cute, hot and handsome interchangeably. Cute can, for me, have two meanings. The sweet one and then because I find him attractive.


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  • Cute- when you're being silly or adorable and it makes us smile or giggle.

    Hot-when you're being sexy or we're checking out your body or wanting you.

    Handsome-when you're cleaned up and lookin' good, or lookin' like a gentleman, maybe dressed up for a date


  • Cute: You're sweet and make me giggle >.<

    Handsome: Looking sexy and cleaned up

    Hot: Once again, sexy with swagger

  • When I say a guy's cute, it's usually because something he does is "cute" (i.e. sweet, awkward, romantic, etc.) or if I really like a guy's personality and then notice that he's attractive, I'd say he was cute (but usually only if his personality dominates my attraction for him).

    Handsome is an extremely sophisticated guy. Really put together, fairly serious, almost gentle-looking...the kind of guy that is attractive but not in that animalistic, sexual way. It can be, but not usually. For me, handsome is the guy I'd glance at across the room and appreciate but not necessarily want to touch.

    Hot is, "oh my god, I want to get in his pants now" lol. I'll call a guy hot before I've ever said a word to him. It has nothing to do with personality, but all to do with rugged good-looks.

  • They are all attractive, & a plus


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