Do girls go home with guys they first met at clubs or bars often?

Go home with guys as in letting the guys taking the girls home, not girls going to their own homes with guys. Taking a girl home for me is not my style, I rather take home with a girl's number instead, at least for now since I still live with my family.


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  • Do girls go home with guys they first met at clubs or bars often?Very often.

    The guys are usually hot, have status, known some manipulation/games, or they take the drunk girl..sometimes she's so drunk she's unconscious or can't walk and must be carried out


What Guys Said 1

  • It happens more often that people like to think, for me I'm not into it at all. I know some friends who've done it and they sorta think I'm weird for not doing it... I just don't see the point in it. Getting the number is a much better thing although I generally don't ask for it because I don't go to clubs to hookup with girls. I usually went to hang with friends and have fun with them and I actually haven't been in a club in over a year, and I don't wanna go near one again lol


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