At what age are women "too old" to wear hot pants?

to wear hot pants? (I'm working on a comic, and I want one of the characters to be past 30, and I also want her to wear hot pants, but I don't know how old I can make her and still make it work)


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  • well by my clothing standards-you're always too old to wear them,they're practically underwear. BUT-

    normal folks standards are probably about 30,

    BUT it's a comic,the girls are meant to be insanely hot and half naked

    • Actually, the LEAD female dresses something like Malon from the Zelda games, another wears an elegant frilly Victorian dress, and yet another dresses in the same fashion as Alucard from the Castlevania games...

    • lol how the hell do hotpants fit there?

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  • No one should ever wear hot pants at any age! But it's a comic... men are supposed to drool and the butt cheeks that hang half way out. Anyway anything over 30 just becomes overly ridiculous and trashy to me.

  • That would be a little ehh because she is over thirty but it also depends on what she does and how she acts in the comic.

    if she is a hot mama give her the hot pants.

  • i agree 30 and up. that's the time to stop dressing like a club whore and start dressing your age.

  • At 25-27. 30 years old women should wear clothes more from their age.

    • I agree LaraVL. I don't know why these older gals want to dress younger. Most of them look ridiculous!

    • I know, I think they want to look younger but that is not the way to do that :)

  • Just look the ladies surround you, when girls are more than 25 , she looks a woman and has a mom face.Their figure will not fit as 18 years old. I think women will look too old at age 50.

  • I think it has more to do with a woman's body. I have seen 18 year olds who should not be wearing hot pants. I think it also depends on the woman's attitude. A 35 year old woman with an awesome body can wear them if she has the right sexy, spunky attitude. It is a little harder to picture the same perfect body but as asoccor mom, the hot pants just don't fit the personality so I say if your character fits the hot pants persona then go for it.


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