Do guys get intimidated by girls that dress up more often?

a guy that I like will hardly look at me when I'm all dressed up and put some thought into what I wear but, when I just wear jeans and a t-shirt he'll interact more with me. why does he do that? I usually feel my prettiest when I'm a little more dressed up and when I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt I feel average. do guys get intimidated by dressed up girls?


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  • I IMMEDIATELY think I'm out of her league. Since we all know that exists, we'll go ahead and say it's not. If it's not, I'll think that I may have a shot BUT that when I do talk to her, she'll come off as a spoiled rich kid. Let's face it, nicer clothes=more money. Yes, I know, thrift stores, yada yada, but for the most part, nicer clothes=more money. So, then I think well, is she going to turn me down because I make less than her (her parents). Is she that shallow/superficial? All these things are running through my mind and I sometimes forget that all she is, is human. Underneath all that cloth and makeup, she's still just a regular human being. It's tough to remember that as I'm talking to her though, you know?

    • yea. so it's would be best (and more comfortable on both sides) to dress more average?

    • Not necessarily, wear what you want to wear, let him deal with his own insecurity. It's his body, not yours!

    • Oops, my bad 2:30 in the morning and I'm trying to say something epic!. I meant to say, it's YOUR body, NOT his.

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  • Yes. Some guys get intimidated by dressed up girls.

    So unless the guy overcome his insecurities and understands how to appreciate the girl for who she is, her unique sense of style, and how she expresses herself, he would tend to focus on her looks and feel nervous by all that prettiness.

    Clothes can make us behave in different ways too. When you are dressed up, do you behave in any way different than when you are in jeans and a t-shirt? If yes, then he may feel uncomfortable with your new persona and prefers to interact with the persona he feels comfortable with.

    Also, some guys tend to be very visual creatures and rely too much on visual impressions. When he sees you all dressed up, he might literally see you as a different person! He may feel unable to connect with you.

    I think you can still dress up AND lessen the intimidation factor by being mindful of your body language. If your body language is friendly, then he'll probably start interacting with you more.


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  • i think certain types of guys will get intimidated and other types will prefer it. its not bad to dress up so if that's your style or what you wanna do, don't feel like you have to dress down to impress a guy. if a guy is insecure then he'll care but I don't think a guy who has a decent amount of self esteem will be scared of a girl who made an effort that day lol also there are guys that are stylish and dress nice, so they won't be intidated

  • Yeah, because you put extra effort into your apperance he might think that you have higher standards for a man, something he couldn't live up to. Or he feels you don't match him because you guys dress different... like a fashionable girl goes out with fashionable men, etc.


    just smile and remind people that your a nice girl who just likes to pride herself in her clothes.

  • Depending how you're dressed he might think you're easy or out of his league because you look hot.


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