Do dimple piercings MAKE dimples after?

Before you answer , Unless you have personally had a dimple piercing , Or know somebody who has , Please don't answer.

But I heard that if you get dimple piercings then even after you take it out , It leaves permanent dimples on your cheeks. At first I didn't believe it and researched into it , And I found out that yes dimples are hereditary and if your not born with them then you can't magically make them. BUT , 'Fake dimples'(that's what I'ma call them) can be made if there is a scar or imperfection in your cheek. And when you pierce it , After it heals there's a scar which causes a 'fake dimple' to appear.

How deep is the dimple after a dimple piercing? and does this really work?


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  • Theres is someone I knew last year before I went to college that had dimple piercings and they healed over and they weren't real dimples.. It was kinda like a small indention where the hole use to be. You could obviously tell it wasn't natural dimples, more like a scar.

    • Oh! =(

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    • Hey I had mine for 6 months, had to take them off for a new job, and I ended up w little dimples/indentions. I think they are cute. Obviously not real, but close enough. Everybody loves them. The whole is really not that noticible, kinda like the one from lip piercings. :)
      hope this helps others coming to this post for questions.

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  • yes, I knew a girl who got those and then took them off and had dimples.


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  • I just got dimple piercings, and thus far, from all my research, they won't create real dimples. What it is, is that it will create wholes in your cheeks that will evetually scar when you take them out causing a minor indention. They aren't really dimples. This aside, I got them anyways.

    Kind of shoked at some peoples reactions to the idea of artificial dimples... It is just a piercing. Get over it.

  • Wow, I have real dimples and this pisses me off. You're not getting dimples your getting scars on your face.

    • Take a chill pill missy

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    • No, do you? :)

    • Youre the one pissed at me for I don't know what reason. I should be the one bitching because I'm so f***kin jalous at you for being born with real dimples, so don't be mean to cute little moi eh :(

  • wanna go to those lengths for some damn dimples...

    • its just a piercing.

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    • you didn't have to answer tho...

      anyway I've never seen this happen so I can't even answer. I just wanted to know if you were being serious. and now that you are...yikes...

    • lol why did you just "yikes" at me?:(

      Dimples are adorable! :)

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