I have a small and pointy chin, and I hate it. Can I do anything to make it bigger?

So yeah, I have a pretty small and pointy jaw.

You can't see it on my picture cause when I'm smiling, I'm also pushing my jaw out so that it would look bigger. (Don't ask me why, I just have it when it looks small.)

But yeah, I know that there are few surgeries, but I'm 16 so I want to know if there's anything that I can do about it now.

I know that I'm still growing, but yeah, I want to do everything to make it bigger. :/

And I know that some people won't even notice it, and so on, but even though it's cool with them, it still makes ME think that it looks like crap.

Any ideas?
I know that it's not "small jaw" ( or whatever you can call it) syndrome, it's not that small, but it's still small.

And when I lok at my body, then it looks like my jaw is the slowest growing part of my body.


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  • "Our flaws are what makes us perfect." - Stacy.

    Love yourself, just the way you are. Accept it and be okay with it. This is what makes you different, do you really want to look the same as everyone else? That would be so boring. There is nothing more sexier than confidence. I am sure, people don't even notice your chin, and your lack of self esteem draws attention to it.

    There is nothing you can do to hide a jaw or change it (unless you can afford surgery), you just have to live with it.

    • Thanks, I guess that I'll have to try it!

      Even though I'll try to be cool with it, I still hope that it will get bigger with time :)

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  • A chin implant? really man who cares about your chin. It's one of those things that only you will care about at the end of the day ... so don't bother.

    • Yeah, I know.

      I know that people don't think about it, cause they're used to my look, and I only see myself when I'm in front of the mirror. Which is only very few times a day.

    • Everyone has something about them that they don't like. Personally I have a cleft lip, so I know how you feel, but your given what your given. You'll be a lot happier if you can look in the mirror and just accept that what you see is you, instead of thinking about how you can change it ...

  • are your teeth & bite aligned properly? sometimes having an inncorect bite can make your jaw & chin look different & you can usually correct it with braces. I'm fixing my overbite with braces now :)


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  • eh, unless you want to do plastic surgery, I don't think there's anything ou can do

    • Yeah, I'll think about it if it will wtill bother me in the furure. But I think that it could look cool with a goatee like Bam Margera. Gotta wait few years for that though. :/

  • Grow a beard


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