Ladies, where does "cute" lie on the 1-10 scale?

You know the one, where 1 is f*** ugly, and 10 is supermodel status. So a lot of girls have called me "cute," and I'm curious that that lies on the numerical scale. I estimate in the 6-7 range, but I'd like to know what a woman thinks that means.
Probably should have said "strictly considering appearance". I understand it's more than just looks that makes someone attractive, but I'm talking about you see a guy on the sidewalk and think "Hey, he's pretty cute." Where in your best estimation would that lie?

And as an addendum, if a "cute" guy were to sit by you and try to start a conversation, how would you react? Would you want him to leave, be all right with having a convo/flirting a bit, or out and out attempt to seduce him, etc?
And can I also assume its meant to be a complement when you call a guy "cute", and usually doesn't have some hidden "I like you but you're not good looking enough to date" meaning?


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  • My scale:

    1. Wouldn't wanna see him in my bed at night

    2. Poor thing, someone will love him one day

    3. Umm there's a person in front of me but I don't really see them

    4. That guy better have a good personality

    5. I've seen worse

    6. With some clothes and haircut he'd be decent looking

    7. He's okay, nothing to go crazy over, maybe if he charmed me or made an effort

    8. Good looking, his personality will decide

    9. Daaaymn, don't care about personality come in my bed

    10. Just walked out of a catalog perfection I shall admire from afar but not approach

    "Cute" falls between/under numbers 7-9, sometimes ten.


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  • 1. Yikes!

    2. =(

    3. =\

    4. Decent

    5. Alright

    6. Cute

    7. Now we're talking.

    8. Hey there handsome. *wink*wink*

    9. Blushing. =D


    • Elegant in its simplicity. Good answer.

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    • I see. Well at least you tried to answer me. Thank you. :)

    • No problem.

  • maybe I'm the only one, but I don't think you can measure cuteness on the same scale as hotness or handsomeness - they are all totally different factors. a guy can be cute and hot or cute and handsome. at least in my book. and I might find a cute guy way more attractive than a hot guy, it depends on what they look like and what makes them cute or hot.

    this is probably just my overly complicated way of looking at everything, but I don't think I really have an answer to this question

  • cute is a good looking guy in reality. Hot is like supermodel movie star wanna sleep with you type of guy. if a guy is cute to me, it means I like him and would date him.

  • Yeah I'd say 6.5-7. Although there are guys that are cute and could be scaled as a ten. I think cute Is more of a personality thing. Like if I met a guy that was an 8 or 9 and he was a total sweetheart, I would call him cute. Not hot, hot Is like I wanna f*** you. Cute, Is I like you.

  • well girls don't really follow the 1-10 scale like guys do, but I guess you could say ya cute would be from 6-7 but being "cute" or even have a "baby face" isn't a bad thing. Ya you might not be brad pitt, but cute is better than being ugly

    • I will never understand how other women find Brad Pitt attractive (physically.)

      I understand that we all have differing tastes... even so... I find it inpossible, hah.

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    • the m3 gt right?

    • yea, what other ass could I be commenting on?

  • ur right...its a 6-7, even possibly an innocent looking 8

  • I have no idea, possibly 6-8?

    Theres a lot of pretty attractive guys I call cute.

  • I would probably say a 5 or 6? I don't call guys cute unless I'm referring a friends boyfriend or someone I look at as a brother.

  • I suppose that I know that a number of men use the "1-10" system... but I would like to inform you that most women do not.

    "Cute" can possess many forms. I drop-dead "supermodel-status" (as you put it) could be termed as so; or a #1 could also be placed under the title.

    Generally, I would have to say that "cute" is somewhere in the middle-- 4-6, perhaps-- but that is not a solid assumption in the least. Like I said: we do not maintain such a rating-system, hah. Due to that, it is difficult to accurately guess (excluding all of the other challenging details, as well) under the regulations of the 1-10 form.

    • Haha, I know that. But it's easier for my puny masculine brain to comprehend a 1-10 scale, so I asked people to use that.

  • cute = 6-10 in my book.


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  • I'm pretty sure they have more than one scale.

    For example the handsomeness-scale, the charming-scale and so on.

    Obviously, you rank pretty high on the cute-scale, which is different from ranking high on the handsome-scale.

    I don't think one excludes the other. You could probably rank high on both. And different girls have different tastes, so girls liking the cute guys would probably like you.

    Just my theory, anyway.

    • This is a fairly accurate interpretation of our scales, as far as I have seen. Lol

    • I'm glad I'm not way off. One step closer to maybe one day understanding women!

      (Hah, as if! ;D )

  • I'd say a 5 or 6, you'd be overshadowed and go unnoticed compared to a "hot" guy


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