Is it overwhelming for ultra hot girls to get so much attention?

What does the attention feel like for beautiful women? Tell me if I am interpreting this right?

How do beautiful women deal with the attention they get? Is it an ego trip?

I am a guy and am always curious how hot girls handle being seen as a prize in so many ways.

One of my friends from high school who I have recently seen always apologizes to me for not getting back to me soon enough or calling me, etc. I don't mind; I have plenty of friends and I'll see her when I can or not. I don't like flakes, so I always decide not to call her back if she doesn't answer but then eventually she'll always text apologizing.

Guys she knows from college/high school, call, facebook, text her all the time. She doesn't like to give out her number too much. Random guys contact her who she barely knew in school. Girls try to introduce her to her guy friends, etc. And of course tons of guys trying to pick her up at bars.

It annoys me when people assume she his slutty just because she is flirtatious and ultra hot. I don't think she's been with that many guys. Am I completely wrong here though? Because who knows maybe this attention is an ego trip and she does hook up with many guys but in a private way.

Sometimes I think she just likes quiet time with her family or hangs out with close girlfriends and focuses on her career; which makes me think that she actually is worth spending time calling or struggling to set up a time in her "busy schedule" she always talks about. I never compliment her on her looks. I'll tell her that she has other things going for her because the physical is obvious.

Anyway my main quesiton is about whether girls like her love the fact that tons of guys want to have sex with her/think she is beautiful, compliment her all the time; is it a weird ego trip?


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  • For me its neither. While I do appreciate it if someone takes the time to compliment me or admire me, it does get old... When I'm with my daughter, she rolls her eyes and wishes we could get in and out of somewhere without having some guy stop and talk to me all the time. With friends, they either joke they can't take me anywhere, or feel self-conscious that guys don't do the same to them.

    Another thing is...people get preconceived notions about a woman based off of her looks..either that she doesn't have a brain, or that she has what she has/where she is because of her looks. Even my close friends insist my looks played a part in where I am in life...knowing full well that I've worked incredibly hard for everything I have. I have to put in 150% over and beyond anyone else to prove myself...still yet, I'm not always taken seriously.

    Even romantically...I feel incredibly uncomfortable if a guy compliments me *too* feels like who I am doesn't matter...and being seen in such a superficial way all the time can really get to a person. I've met some guys who go through the same thing its not just women. I've also met people who really get off on it and love the attention, and play up thier looks as much as everyone is different with how they feel about this.

    • Have you slept with more people due to your looks? Since after being approached so much, especially by aggressive guys, I would think it would be easy to succumb to pressure especially when younger? Also it is oral sex less of a big deal than sex for an ultra hot girl? Where she doesn't mind suc*king a random friend's dick but sex is more seious

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    • My boyfriend is a musician...getting a woman into bed isn't something he has to put any effort into. I didn't play games or try to make it hard on him, I just don't get intimate with a guy unless I'm really that interested in him.

      If your goal is to work hard to get a girl into bed, as you put it, I won't be helpful. I avoid guys like that afterall... If you're genuinely interested in a girl, and she in you, you won't get put in the friend isn't the one and only way to show your interest.

    • How else do I show my interest? how do I tell if she potentially will develop interest for me after we meet up a few more times?

      How do I give a hot girl the impression that I am out for something romantic and not friends?

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  • Ego trip? Not now in my late twenties. It was a refreshing ego trip at 17 when I turned gorgeous but within a year I was FED UP with the attention. The sexual harassment was unreal. I was targeted for everything and narrowly avoided sexual assault/possible rape on two occasions by guys I'd met who wanted more attention than I was willing to give. (Belive it or not, I was a virgin when I married.)

    The poster whose attractive friend said that she "disliked being judged for something she was born with" is DEAD ON TRUE. People look at me like I'm insane when I say that I can't help how I look and I want to be loved and appreciated for who I am and the actions I choose to make. This is a bit of a sore spot in my marriage. My husband told a therapist he liked my looks and - when forced to elaborate - my generosity. That's pretty much it. And only one of those is something I want to be loved for. The other terrifies me because it will fade with time and aging. It's not something any of us have control over.

    I meet guys (friend's husbands usually) and I can see it in their eyes that they're attracted to me. It's not their fault but it's predictable and flat-out boring. Usually they'll make some sort of comment soon after meeting me. Like I didn't already know what they were thinking. I always liked guys who seemed to not "notice" that I was gorgeous or at least didn't voice that opinion for a long time.

    Yes I'm married but I have tender feelings for my one and only good guy friend. One of the first times he saw me, he froze with "that" look on his face. He NEVER has said a word about my looks beyond complementing me on a new hair style, cute shoes or other things about my appearance that I do have some choice over. I can see it in his eyes that he thinks I'm pretty but he's too respectful to say something so flirty and since he has never said it, he's kept the mystery alive and I love it! Shortly after we met some of the comments and complements he'd said about me reached my ears and EVERY SINGLE ONE was about some talent of mine or something I DID that he found cool or impressive. It's almost like he was born to love and be loved by a girl like me. I regret not combing the earth for him.

    If you find yourself one of the many men attracted to a beauty, you're going to have to play your cards carefully. DO NOT complement her on her looks. Pick ANYTHING else - her taste in music, the artistic piece of jewelry she's wearing, how kind she is to strangers, how nice a good deed she did was for the other person - ANYTHING that complements her on her talents, behavior or something she has control over. Then DO NOT hint that you find her attractive. If she digs for a complement, answer wisely. For example:

    She: Do these jeans look cute on me? (Yes, she looks like a super model)

    You: Yes, I especially like the dark wash/fade on them. Who makes them?

    Notice how you complemented the JEAN DESIGNER and her both? Good luck! We're hard to catch!

  • It actually makes me kinda nervous when I go out because I get hit on ALL the time it makes me uncomfortable being alone especially if I'm walking and see a big group of guys because I already know what's gonna happen and off course it does they all start calling at me and sometimes walk towards me so I mostly never go places alone. They sometimes even get mad if I don't give them the time of day calling me out my name or calling me stuck up. I only date people that I have gotten to know for a while through friends or hanging out I'm never with the random guys thing. But the good side to it is that it of course boost your confidence a lot and compliments are nice you don't ever have to worry about getting a date.

  • Show your interest and date her like you would any other woman... Hot girls are human too...and respond to a guy who is genuine like any other woman would. There is no way to predict how anything will go with anyone by the way...thats what dating is spend time with someone, get to know them and decide if you want to keep taking things to the next level. There are no guarantees.

  • I think that all girls like the attention once in awhile and like being called beautiful/receiving compliments. Although, if this is happening all the time, for the hott chicks, then it may be a bit annoying. After all, who likes to hear the same thing over and over again?

  • what's YOUR angle?

    are you just as interested in her because of her looks? or is ther more substance to it?


    if it's just her looks, you're no better than the other guys

    if there's more substance, then approach it from that angle

    Don't be fake. Even a dumb blonde can tell if you're geniune

  • i agree with all the girls here..also its good that you compliment her on other sure she loves that about you. she must already know guys find her attractive obviously, so a change in compliments are nice.

    also if she dresses up a bit it doesn't have to mean she's doing it for others..she's doing it for herself.

  • I hate it.

    I hate going out and getting hit on. I hate it when people stare, or check me out. I get annoyed when guys compliment me too much. I hate how people judge me by my looks. It's so tiring to go out and have to turn down so many guys, then be called a bitch for not giving out my number to anyone. How can we have fun? All I want is to hang out, meet people, and have interesting conversations.

    I don't know how this is an ego boost for anyone.

    Guys think I'm a high maintenance attention whore, and girls give me nasty looks.

    It's also embarrassing when my parents or friends point out every person who stares at me. It's so awkward and it's not like I wear revealing clothes. I wear torn jeans, and flip flops!

    I admire your female friend. Because she's not letting all the attention get to her. Most women become too dependent on the attention, and become insecure when they lose it. But your friend is definitely one who stands out. She is beyond beautiful, and sounds like the type who has a lot to offer. She just hasn't found that person who is worth it yet.

    All we want is for someone to love us for the person we are.

    I think it's good that you don't compliment her for her looks. I am sure she appreciates that very much. It lets her know that you see through her looks.. and that means a lot.

  • it's not too hard. I like the attention, and it's flattering. I think it's a great confidence booster, but sometimes I feel like it's only because of looks that guys talk to me for...which is kinda sad.

  • Well I have one friend who is a massive flirt and guys love her in fact of the tonnes of guy friends she has only 1 claims to not like her in that way. She has a boyfriend so she doesn't get off with loads of guys, infact she's only ever been with 3 guys.

    She loves the attention and sometimes so much that when she first meets a guy she just assumes he likes her (and he pretty much always does). She has said to me before tho that it can be frustrating because all these guy "friends" see her in a sexual way, it's hard to know if they're really friends.

    Also even tho I don't have such a power over guys as my friend does, I do know I'm attractive looking and when I get a bit "too much" compliments off guys I just assume they want to get in my pants.


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  • I used to work with an extraordinarily attractive woman. Freakishly good looking. She resembled actress Angie Harmon.

    Asked her what it was like to be so attractive. At first, she was a little insulted. But when she understood that I was simply curious, she opened up a bit.

    She said that she disliked being judged for something she was born with. She'd accomplished a lot in life through her brains and hard work, but it often seemed like none of it mattered. People assumed she got a pass in life because she was good looking. But her looks were one of the few things she couldn't change.

    She got tired of men hitting on her everywhere she went. Before she was married or engaged, -- when she was single -- she regularly wore a phony engagement ring simply so she could have an excuse to not flirt, or to decline a date.

    She got tired of being called "bitch" regularly. She admitted that she didn't know how often other women heard it, but said that she was called a bitch at least once a week. If she insisted on virtually anything, put her foot down, a muttered "bitch" was said the moment her back was turned.

  • very nicely written btw, you should be a writer, umm anyway, if I may put my 2 cents in since this site is both for guys, and girls, umm, I think that she probably likes the attention that she gets from guys, because she has a bad home life, I've noticed that a lot of "hot" girls tend to not have very good home lives, therefore they try to get out as much as possible with their "hot" looks and have attention paid to them. I would not however bring this up in a convo with her, if you ever decide to talk to her, she may feel very strongly about not wanting to talk about it, so just don't bring it up, instead, just compliment her, I know you said that she probably doesn't need any more physical comments, but I heard somewhere that girls "dress to impress" so if theyve done something nice with their outfit, and you tell them that, then theyll be more willing to talk to you. I have more to say, but I need to go, so ill let you respond to that, and get back to you