Just got my nose periced 2 days ago and now it won't stop running?

OK so 2 days ago I got my nose pierced and its running , but only when it's super late like last night I was up till 3 Because it was running so much and now it's doing it again. My nose is only runny on the side I have it pierced. I do have really bad allergies. Could the L shaped stud be irritating my nose? or just a coincidence? Oh and should the side I have the stud on my nose be numb?


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  • Definitely call the piercer and see what they say. I have never heard of this, but I know that when I first got mine done it did run. Try cleaning it out with a salt water solution. Maybe there is something in your nose that is making it irritable?

    It could very well be part of the process of healing for you. Everyone is different. Your nose naturally produces mucous to clean out crap.

    Soak your nose for a bit in the saline solution, about 5 mins, and do that everyday. Hopefully it will work. But call the piercer to be safe. They might know what is going on.

    • just went their today and since I'm a petite person, I have a petite nose and the jewlery I had on was large for my nose. I needed it bigger for the swelling but then the jewlery kept poking things that made my nose run . THANKS THO!

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  • it does sound like an allergic reactikon of some sort. Some people can't handle metal in their cartilage.


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  • If I were you I'd call my piercer and tell him/her what I am experiencing. You never know, they might have heard this a dozen times and are familiar on what to do in this situation. If that doesn't work out for you, make an appointment with your local doctor. Good luck.

  • Yea your nose could be reacting to the stud;

    It's not so much the shape of the stud - but more so the material it's made from.

    I got some stainless steel nose L studs and had to throw them all out because my nose was having a very similar reaction to the metal; it was itchy, running, just very irritating.

    I got rid of those and switched to surgical steel material which are great - feels like nothing is even in my nose :P

    I'd keep an eye out for infection - because runny nose can be a reaction to an incoming or small infection maybe - keep your nose clean with some salt water solution; alcohol is okay if you don't have a salt mix - but use it very generously because it can destroy the bacteria in your nose that helps keep away infection.


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