Is 5'11 too tall for a girl?

Some guys at my school say I'm too tall and I was wondering, am I too tall? There are some pictures of me on my profile! I'm about

5 10- 5 11 ish.


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  • Well since I am 6' 2" I don't think you are to tall and you are very pretty so even if you were too tall I could make an exception.And you have a nice body!If I like a girl then I will overlook pretty much anything.Maybe most guys feel if you are taller then them you will look funny together.There is plenty of tall guys out there just go for the taller ones.You will probably want to be with a bigger and tall guy anyways.Go for guys that are on the basketball team.I think on average girls are 5'2"-5'6" so really I don't consider you too much taller and you are definitely not too tall.To tall to me would be 6' + and closer to 6' 4" would be too tall.Besides tall girls have sexy long legs and that is very hot!You wouldn't want a short guy would you?


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  • No you're fine.

  • Nope not at all.

  • Nope


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