Iron cross tattoo not allowed int he Marine Corps?

Alright so I've got this decently sized tattoo on my back, that is an Iron cross, it is right under the C-7 Vertebrae. My Recruiter, said basically if I got a doctors note, I'd have no problem getting in.

However, he asks me what kind of cross it is, I tell him it is an Iron cross. He says "its not waiverable" ,and it'll stop me from getting in.

So if this is the case, why are their medals with the Iron cross?

Further more, if my tattoos are such a problem, why is there a Drill instructor with tattoos on his forearms,and upper arm being advertised as a Marine ON their Recruiting site.


^Week 7 its visible.

To note: I've never done drogs

my ASVAB AFQT score is 53

outside that I have no history with the police, or anything else.

I have my HS diploma.

I don't get the bullsh*t they're throwing at me,it makes no f***ing sense..then again maybe it isn't supposed to.

I guess I should try the Navy/Army/Air Force.


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  • Only thing I can say is...the iron cross is probably considered gang affiliation under the marine corps' regulations...i have plenty of ink and I'm in the Army, however, with the cutdown on troops, they are making bigger issues out of smaller things like ink. Luckily under new regulations, I was grandfathered in meaning since I already had my work done prior to enlisting I'm good


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  • Tell him it's just a freakin cross... it's a don't ask don't tell... tell him it's just a cross when he ask. If you go getting into details with him you have then informed him, and have given him no choice but to look into it, ask more questions etc. etc. Your body will be government property. If they wanted to, they could make an issue over your getting a sunburn.

  • I think that's a question you should ask him instead of coming online and asking us.

    I know that military lifestyle is very hypocritical and all about power. A drill sergeant may show up late with his shirt not done correctly and it's okay yet if a boot camper shows up late and his hat is tipped wrong, he gets chewed out and embarrassed in front of everyone.

    • I have. But this isn't so much hypocritical in the sense of them,but more so the ones who make the rules,I suppose I'm questioning why they allow one individual in, and another not.

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  • It all seems like bullsh*t if you ask me, I wasn't able to bceome a marine due to the tattoo on my hand and that's because it was visible. Honestly your better off with the anyother branch I hear the Marines benefits aren't all that great compared to the others.

  • Yeah, that's odd. I thought the only tattoos that weren't allowed are ones that are visible while in the dress blues, so basically, no face, neck, or wrist tattoos.


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