How should I approach the shy jock type guy?

There's this guy in my class and he's on a lot of the sport teams at my school. He's quiet in class. Since the class is an elective, we don't really do much work but hang out. He's popular and is in that group of jock guys in my class but he barely talks. He sits in the seat in the row next to me but one seat ahead, so he has to turn around to look at me, which he does A LOT. When he's turned around he doesn't talk to anyone in that direction. I'm friends with a lot of the guys in the group and they always refer to me as the good looking girl in the class. But one of the guys in the group knows that I had sex with an ex of mine who has a bad reputation as the weird guy. This guy is a jerk so I know whenever my name is brought up he more than likely tells them who I've slept with and that I gave my ex head. So I can't figure out if this guy looks at me because of the stories he's heard or if he's interested in me. I'm afraid to approach him first because even though I'm 17 and have only slept with one guy, my reputation is fried due to jealous people and starting fake rumors about me. So next time he's staring, which is all the time, should I look at him and see his body language or what?


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  • Lock eyes next time. See how he reacts to this.


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