Pointed or flat sideburns?

My hair looks almost exactly like this: (www).poptower.com/joshua-ledet-American-idol-picture-

Mine is just a little bit shorter. I've been noticing some guys have been pointing their sideburns like this:


How do you think that looks? I've tried to imagine them on myself and I can't determine wether they'll look good or not. Your opinions?

First link: popcrush.com/joshua-ledet-wishes-American-idol/

Second link: flickr.com/photos/_antthebarber/6163557528/

The links are fixed


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  • Depends more about the facial shape and the thickness of the hair as opposed to the style that the side burn is cut in, in my opinion. As long as it's neat, I think either one can look good. However personally, I think the pointed style can only be pulled off by some people whereas the first link could look good on most people with similar hair/features.


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  • well the first link doesn't work. And even the second was written out wrong. But I think that really you have to just go with what you like best. Hair really isn't nearly as big of a deal as people make it out to be. Do what you want to. Personally I do not like the second style.

  • Flat bro, this isn't the early 2000s

  • yea the first one is way better looking.

    • Not the styles, just the sideburns. What do you think if you were to take the sideburns from the second pic and put them on the first one? Like this: a3.ec-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/96/097e604505464ddc9c13c1f872babba3/l.jpg

    • well that is alright. I don't know bro just do what you want.

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