How to have a "piercing talk" with parents who absolutely hate them!

So I've posted a few topics about traguspiercings, Because I really want one.

But my parents absolutely hate piercings and think they look mean and are for criminals (even though my best friend has a gorgeous monroe).

I don't share their opinion, I love piercings and tattoos. I asked my parents their opinion on a traguspiercing a while ago. My mom said "you know we don't like it" and then the conversation was done Because she walked away. I asked my dad and he started laughing and said "we don't like it, you might as well pierce your cheek" and I said "well, yea, some people do that". I asked him if they would be mad if I got one and he just said: "it's not like we're gonna kick you out of the house".

So I did my research and I've been wanting it for 7-8 months now, so it's not a spur-of-the-moment thing.

I'm planning on getting it done somewhere in September, but I don't wanna be all childish and get it done behind their back (anymore, lol) Because hiding it would be hard and they're gonna find out eventually.

I'm planning on talking about it again, but I don't know how to start a conversation like that. Any ideas? Or how did you convince your parents for getting a piercing?

Ok, didn't thought I'd need to put this here but: only SERIOUS answers please ;)


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  • They've said they aren't going to kick you out of the house.

    They think its a bad idea.

    There's nothing to talk about. They've given their input, if you're an adult, you do what they want. They don't have to love every decision you make to love you.


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  • there is nothing you can say to convince then for getting you pierced

    if they don't like it then there is nothing you can do to change their opinion

    if you want it bad then go behind there back

    or wait till you leave for college( I m guessing you are in school )

    because though it may seem cool to you but to your parents its not

    its lill bit unsafe etc etc ( that's what they think)

    but if you are desperate then you can just go and keep begging till they allow you

  • If you want a piercing, move out! Their house, their rules

  • You're old enough to get it done on your own. If it was me I'd just go and do it, if your parents don't like you tough luck. If they threaten to kick you out (or even actually do it) tell them you'll disown them and put them in cheap old folks home when they're old.


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  • You're over analyzing this.

    You want your parents to somehow give you a tiny speck of approval, but they aren't going to. They don't like it, and that's all there is to it.

    If you love piercings, then it's all about doing what makes you happy.

    If you can't live with your parents judging you for it, then you need to wait until you move out.

    If you can't live with waiting, then you need to accept that they might judge you.

    There isn't anything you can say to them at this point.

    Just go and have it done, they probably don't even want to hear about it, and would *prefer* that you hide it from them, or at least don't flaunt it.

  • truthfully as long as your at the age where you can go yourself. I have tons of piercings, my dad hates them but eventually he stopped caring when i would come home with them. they're your parents, they love you, and i highly doubt theyd kick you out over something as stupid as a piercing. They may not be happy but thats about it. (I don't actually know your parents, so if you have crazy parents ignore my advice but this is just what I have seen with my parents and a lot of my friends parents.)

  • Try letting them know of the things you could be doing like drugs or having unprotected sex. Depending on the piercing they will return to normal. If your 18 you don't need their permission. I rather my daughter to,get a piercing then come Home pregnant. Maybe throw that out there.although I would want her to get something nice and nothing over the top. I would conplamise with her. who knows maybe I would get one too.

    • That's why I'm not getting anything "in your face". In my eyes a traguspiercing is just another earring, nothing weird or "mean" about it. They know I want it and they didn't say "no, we'd rather not have you doing that" so... I know I want it, I just don't know if I should tell them I'm getting it or just get it done and don't mention it again

  • you are an adult they should get over it