I'm a curveless woman. Am I automatically considered unsexy?

I'm an all-around petite woman: 5 feet tall, A cup, smaller, flatter butt. Not very curvy at all. I hear all the time that men prefer curves: they're more visually appealing, better for sex, etc. And I agree with them. I find my body type to be unsexy and prepubescent (lack of height doesn't help). I'm afraid to go out and flirt with guys because I feel like I'll be rejected for my lack of curves.

So since guys love curves, what do women like me do? Is there anyone out there who actually prefers a figure like mine (without saying so because they're desperate or trying to make me feel better)? Am I doomed to forever alone-ness because of this body type I can't control?


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  • I love petite girls, and a lot of guys do. Most tiny girls are thin and don't have a ton of curves, but they are still a lot of fun.

    Certainly, there are guys who HAVE to have a curvy girl, so you aren't going to appeal to every guy, but then, NO girl appeals to every guy anyway. But I assure you there are plenty of guys who like girls who are built like you.

    Curvy girls worry that they aren't skinny enough. Tall girls worry that they are too tall. Busty girl worry that their boobs are too big or too saggy. Smaller-breasted girls worry that their boobs are too small. Every girl seems to worry about something that is only going to bother a small number of guys, but there are plenty of guys for every body type. And most guys are attracted to a very wide range of body types anyway.

    As long as you are fun and outgoing, guys will be attracted to you. Personality is FAR more important than body type, but girls only worry about their bodies. You're fine. Be happy and confident, and you'll be all good.


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  • Are you serious...?

    And by petite, you mean a body shape like Selena Gomez, right?


    Hot! My favorite.

    • Almost exactly like her, actually, just with smaller boobs.

    • Well, if that bothers you, you can change it, lol. But don't worry about not "having curves." When I hear girls talk about curves, I always think of fat women with 30 pounds to lose going "I'm proud of my curves grll!" But that body shape, petite, is great, lol.

    • That is, you can change your boob size to be like hers, lol. Don't change from being petite!

  • Nah, guys like a variety of women, curveless included.

  • Guys will find you attractive for sure. Don't sit around and feel sorry for yourself.


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  • I know guys on here will flock to say it's the sexiest body type, but by most guys, yes, that's considered an unattractive body type

    Yes, there are guys who do prefer a petite figure. It's not politically correct to say it, because then fat girls and tall girls get offended, but most guys do prefer short girls and a lot of guys do like thin girls. Again, it's not politically correct to say it.

    But it's not an ideal body, but it's better than being short and fat lmao

  • Nope, certain guys will be attracted to you.

  • wear heels, show off your legs, wear skirts, put on some make up, do your hair in a nice way... wear a little light flowery scent, and by all means smile and have a great attitude. There are girls who don't have it all, who can get with a guy because they have confidence. Some times a guy will be attracted to you because you are smart, and nice.