My Face Does Not Match My Body Nor My Age How Can I Look My Age Without Over Sexing My Style?

I have a baby face, I've always had chubby cheeks and pout-shaped lips. It's a curse in my family to have a grown look when you're young and a young look when you're old. When I was younger my body was/is more adult than my age however now that I'm of age, my baby face is...dare I say it, TOO adorable. (Almost Toddler like) I still, at eighteen, get my cheeks pinched. By friends, guys I date, etc.

The only way I seem able to counteract my face is to wear body-defining/raunchy clothing. Also I'm short so that doesn't help much either. I mean I've always carried myself maturely and I'm quite freaky. It seems to weird people out when a chick with SUCH a baby face is talking about sex and relationships I'm deeply annoyed.


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  • Get a sexy hairstyle

    Wear more makeup, especially around your eyes

    Dress like girls your age but a little sexier but not raunchy

    This will make you look older


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  • Hang on, it's a curse to look grown up when you're young but young when you're old? Isn't that the dream?

  • cardio


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  • Make up is the other alternative other than that accept your young face or maybe try changing yur haiir style or dress more mature.