Why do girls give me blank stares?

i don't know if they're interested, think I'm funny looking, or what...

i do walk around with my "poker face" because most of the time I am neither happy nor sad. if I keep eye contact they will either look away or just keep staring and it honestly annoys me. so what's going on?


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  • I do it too out of habit and if the guy looks serious himself.

    • so if the guy looks uptight/poker face you will probably do the same?

    • Definitely. I have tried at times to give a lame smile (that probably didn't look very friendly) and the guys weren't very warm, so now I pretty much smile back if they look friendly or if I already have a smile on my face from feeling happy...

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  • Maybe it adds mystery? They could be into you and want to see how to get in. Not sure man, I do the same thing, I haven't had one girl come my way and be into me. If anything, don't look so threatening. Haha at least you're not a black guy (like me) who walks around like that. People will just assume the worst.


  • Got the same problem brah, the funny thing I have always poker face too. This girl smiled and said hi to me once but I didn't say anything cause I got poker face.. But I liked her... yes I am beta as phuck I am hot as phuck too but not confident cause I got some pimples on my face >> But anyway if you look at her and hold eye contact you may like each other I think

    • if you are overweight, (not that I think you are because I've never seen you before) try losing weight. it made me strut around like a rooster feeling like I was better than any other man I saw. that's how good weight loss felt for me lol. but unfortunately I've stopped losing weight because of my schedule.