I always get called cute and pretty, never gorgeous and beautiful..does this mean something I don't know?

most of the time I'm pretty confident and happy with myself, but I read other recent qs on here on the difference between cute/pretty and beautiful/gorgeous and I realize I've never been told by anyone, forget guys, not even girls I'm gorgeous or good looking...

i just get hey your pretty, or ur cute...and sometimes I feel shitty when someone tells me that because id rather wanna hear beautiful =/

does this mean I'm not beautiful? =/

is there a competition between women who don't call each other beautiful or gorgeous, and also is it too much for a guy to call a girl that?


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  • No, not at all. You wouldn't want someone to call you ugly. You need to hear things that are positive and be happy, not feel shitty because someone hasn't called you what you so desire. But to me, being cute outranks being gorgeous. Don't take it personally when someone doesn't call you what you want to hear. Be happy with the compliments you receive.

    • Awww thankyou. but how does cute outrank gorgeous?

      and do you think guys don't want grls to get ego boost or appear desperate by callin her gorgeous/beautiful?

    • I don't know how cute outranks gorgeous, it's just what I feel, and the girl may not neccesarily get an ego boost if he tells her that she's gorgeous or beautiful, it depends on how she looks at herself. Just be happy with the compliments you're getting. I've gotten called, cute, fine, hot and all of that, and I tend to shrug it off. I'm not ugly, I just really don't like compliments. The right guy will more than likely not tell you what you want to hear because he means it, ok?

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