Deep stare and half smile?

There's this guy, when he talked to me he tend to gaze into my eyes a bit more longer than he is with anyone else. But I couldn't catch him looking at me most of the time (either I'm too slow or he really didn't look). But, if I come up to talk to him, he will look at me with this confident/charming stare and have this half smile on his face (the kind of smile that shows confident/seducing?). He was more friendly with me before, more honest grin and honest staring at me, but now it looks more different, less grinning, more half smile and deep gaze (the kind of gaze that makes you nervous). Did he lose interest in me or what?


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  • So what is the problem? He makes you nervous when he stares at you. He's probably TRYING to make you nervous, and that's nice, isn't it? (Unless you don't like him.)

    He's looking deep into your eyes and smiling. How in the world does that indicate a lack of interest?

    If you're uncomfortable with the level of attention you're getting, shove him in the arm in that playful/friendly sort of gesture or ask him if he's feeling well -- maybe he's got something in his eye...or a fever...

    • he's making me confuse because he seems friendlier before with big grin and more chatty... now when I talked to him he just stare more with parted lips and thinking face, and when I was giving him somehing he didn't really lifted up his whole face but looking at me like granny try to look above the reading glasses? and he have this evil half smile look on his face... does that shows he's interested?

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    • Atta girl! Good luck. :)

    • thank you! :)

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  • He's trying to charm you. It works more often than you'd imagine, but it does somewhat depend on the girl.

    • well he did charmed me alright! :D

  • He could be looking for your smile in return.

    • believe me, he's getting tons of it, errr maybe half smile too from me? because I am scared I will look too obvious if I smile too much at him... OMG, is it possible he's doing it because he think in the same way too?

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