How do you feel about artsy girls?

I have always been called a very "unique" person with a style to match. I'm extremely art oriented. I don't follow any particular social "movement" and I can't stand stereotypes.

I tend to wear eye-catching clothing. I like patterns a lot. I have pants that are zebra printed, leopard printed, striped, plaid, tie die, you name it and sometimes I wear skirts over normal flared jeans. I have tons of crazy graphic tee shirts (many I made myself) and I wear usually several necklaces at once my favorites are blown glass and costume jewelery. I have crazy colored and sparkly shoes. I do get compliments a lot on my jewelery and my shoes. I won't change I know but I do wonder what guys think about this.

So what do you think about artsy/creative girls?


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  • I like girls like you. You don't care what people think about what you wear. You'll wear a pink skirt with black, and yellow stripped stockings, and some weird shirt with sparkling shoes XD

    I like a creative girl, and that you aren't afraid to express yourself, and won't change yourself just to be desired by some group.

    Be yourself all the way no matter how many people say it' weird.

    So yeah, I like a creative mind. And a girl that isn't afraid to express herself, even if she isn't accepted by everyone.


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  • Well style aside, your character and your looks have a lot to do with what guys ultimately think about you. Personally, I like a girl with unique, unconventional long as it isn't over the top "LOOK AT ME" kind of stuff. Interesting patterns, and cloth are always eye catchng to me. I definitely notice girls with style, then again, I'm more the artsy type (im a musician/writer) I understand the whole stereotype thing. I never molded into any trendy style of dress, and always done what I want...and consequently set trends amongst my friends! haha. Different guys like different things though. Guys who can see through mainstream values will likely be intrigued by the dress you describe.

  • sounds like ull be a fashion designer, no?

    different guys like different kinds of girls

    theres really no set rule that all men like artsy girls

    i know I love the metalheaded girls (women who love metal) which of course I'm music, which of course is an "art"

    thats just me though

    • Ha, that's kind of funny. I'm not looking to be a designer, that's waaaayyy too mainstream for me. And for the record I love metal. I'm obsessed with music too. I have so many band tees too.

    • Eh, usually you become what you're good at, or what you hate, that's what I've learned (unfortunately)

      good, I love those metal girls

  • I think they're cool. They stand out from the crowd. You would definitely be higher on my get-to-know list than some girl who is always wearing name brand stuff and keeping up with trends.


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