Why does he always look away?

I have a class with this guy. When I look over at him he is staring at me. When he sees me he will look away really fast or he will try to make it look like he was looking at the clock or something. Then at the end of class he was over in his group of friends and I was talking to this other girl. I happened to look over at the group and his friend were looking at me then they started to whisper something and then he glanced up at me and then looked at the floor right away. When I walk past him in the hallway he will look down at the floor. He is kind of shy and I'm really shy as well so I don't think I'm intimidating. He seems scared of me, but all his friends even the ones I don't know seem to always be staring at me or whispering about me when I walk by. Why is he acting like this? Why are his friends starting to whisper about me?


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  • It's unlikely you can do anything to really intimidate him, approaching they guy will make him feel good because you've made it easier for him. He definitely likes you, I recognize those signs because they're what I would always do...if only the girl I liked would have talked to me.

    Anyway, he looks away because he adores you and he's afraid he being to obvious about it, and if you don't feel the same way he's worried that you'll avoid him, or be creeped out. Set his mind at ease!


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  • He likes you, but is too shy.


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  • :-))))))))))



    I know you're shy, but if you're wondering about him, try talking to him. For me, the thought of missing out on a great relationship is intimidating. Just a small conversation: "What do you think of Mr. Teacher's new wig?" Taha, it may freak him out a little, but in a good way.

    I wish you luck, but more to him.

    Shy guys are the sweetest, in my opinion.

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