Why do girls hate good looking men?

Im a good looking guy. ( even got in confirmed). after I lost all my weight and gained muscle, learned how to dress better and give myself a better haircut, women treat me like they hate me and I treat them kindly like any other human being. They always give me this scowl, specifically the pretty ones.

I never said iwas good looking to anybody, I'm a shy guy, but still I don't like to take crap from others.

* Many of them se me as a conqest or a competition.

* When I walk into a cafeteria all of them are looking at me

* Many of them are gossiping about me, (bad things).

*In cafeteria, when stood up from chair( bad English) many of them was looking at me like what I was up to or something.

Im 20, never had a girlfriend and virgin.. Why do they behave like that.

many of them give me weird look.


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  • Shy and good-looking is one of the worst combinations.

    -Most women can totally misinterpret it as you not being interested in them, and therefore they feel like they're not good enough for you. They might be rejecting you before you reject them.

    -If they're spreading bad gossips, various girls might want you to seem unattractive to the rest so there's less competition.

    -If you're acting nice to them, they might think they're being friend zoned and get bitter.

    -If they look at you, they think you're attractive. Trust me, they don't pay attention to guys they're unattractive to.

    • Precisely...attractive people get absolutely no benefit of a doubt being shy.

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  • some people just have that ''aura'' of d***ness. in order to tell you what it actually is we would have to know you

  • Maybe they think you are ful of yourself because you are good looking.

    • Are there any things a guy can do that would make them think that? Or is just being good looking enough to give that impression?

    • No like that snobby air, about you also the QA is quiet and generally speaking people of both genders that are quiet good looking or not and are thought to be on the snobby side.

  • Usually because they are cocky and full of themselves.

  • Women don't hate good looking guys. You're reading too much into looks.


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  • I've had this discussion many times before...

    It's because women perceive you as a threat. If you outshine her, it's bad. If she constantly has to worry about other women finding you desirable, it's bad... this is a classic example of how vain women can be... they don't want a man who exceeds them in the looks department ;)

  • Being shy is often misinterpreted as being snobby or rude. That mixed with your good looks is likely sending out the wrong impression, making women think you are a snob that looks down at them or something.

  • Perhaps you are being too nice. Women say they like nice guys, but they don't tend to actually go for them.

    • They don't go for nice guys because they don't really like them in the first place. They are just not being honest with what they like.