Would you date a guy who is 5'7"?

All other things aside, would a guy of this height be on your radar, or would he still be too short and it be a complete deal breaker? The keyword here being "deal breaker".

I'm actually much shorter than this. I'm in the bottom 5% for men (1% to be exact). which means I'm considered to be abnormal (more than 3 standard deviations from the mean).

My entire life even since I was in grade school, I've been picked on, bullied, & made fun of for my height. Guys give me no respect, and women won't even bat an eye lash at me. On far too many occasions women have told me to my face that if I was taller they would date me, because other than that I was a great and attractive guy. Men will literally walk up and start hitting on girls I'm with, right next to me, because they see me as a joke who can't physically hurt them. Everywhere I go guys and girls make comments about my height as if I'm handicapped or something. Even my own friends draw attention to it because they don't realize that while I just laugh it off, I'm crushed on the inside.

It's gotten so serious that I've literally contemplated suicide because I just cannot take the pain of dealing with this anymore. I'm losing the strength to keep my head up when every day people make me feel like a freak, or when girls I've fallen for make jokes about my height.

So the reason I ask this is because after having done some extensive research, I'm very seriously considering leg lengthening surgery. Great advances have been made which make it relatively safe and complication free. The process only takes 4-6 months, you can gain about 3in with today's new technology, and there is relatively little pain and scaring. The only negative is the money. However, I'm very fortunate to come from a fairly wealthy family who I know is very supportive and would have the ability to pay for this if it came to that point. I am certain that a doctor would consider me a prime candidate for this surgery, given a variety of circumstances. Again, I've done a lot of research.

Personally I know I would be 100x happier by just having a few inches. I'm not looking to be a giant, I just want to stop being looked at as a freak. That said, I know I personally would be very satisfied with this height (which is about the 40th percentile for men), but I'm just curious as to how women would see it? So again, if a guy who is around 5'7, is that a deal breaker for you or is he still plenty tall enough.

BTW, if you are a girl who is like 6ft tall and you still say no, I understand. You don't have to lie. You won't hurt my feelings. I respect a women's preference to not like shorter guys. I probably wouldn't either.

Oh I might add, just as some food for thought. When I say 5'7, I referring to height with no shoes. With the shoes I tend to wear, I'd prob be 5'8+ when in public if I had the surgery.
It's NOT a deal breaker. I'd def give them a chance.
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I think a big reason people draw attention to my height is because I'm just below that threshold were something doesn't seem right to people. I'm not just a bit short. I'm excessively short enough that it draws peoples attention. I know this because random strangers or people I just met will comment about my height, sort of like how people do the same thing when they meet a person who is like 7ft tall. Many times this includes them asking exactly how tall you are.
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Also, read the question. I am not currently 5'7. I am 3-4 inches shorter than that.
Would you date a guy who is 5'7"?
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