Women don't like socially awkward guys no-matter how hunky/handsome they are?

I haven't had many experiences but when a woman whos been interested in me has seen my social anxiety, they have immediately disappeared. They all just disappeared.

Just to elaborate I always get those beautiful women you never see interested in me, so I know my experiences...

I hide my social anxiety well but sometimes I can't hide it.

I'm not a stupid/arrogant/immature minded guy. I'm only have an anxiety disorder, which causes me to I guess... feel bad easily.. like how the kid who got made fun of looked - sad etc...

I try to look indifferent, but when I'm under lots of stress, I "break" composure for a few seconds, I can't speak, I feel and look weak until I go somewhere private and compose myself. I don't cry or anything... but for a few seconds when there's too much stress I look look really weak and then compose myself again. Inside I feel sad.

Can someone confirm? Give their opinion? on how women don't like socially awkward guys no-matter how hunky/handsome they are...

The women I'm talking about are women who are all beautiful and have good careers.


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  • In my opinion and based on my experiences, I think that in general you are wrong.

    I have seen good looking but depressed guys constantly attracted women, I think probably because they think they can 'change them' or something along those sort of lines.

    Also if the girl is socially awkward herself (and I have met beautiful looking girls who are - hard to believe I know) then that makes you more compatible so she will become more attracted to you because you already have this in common.

    Yes I know looks don't count for everything, but you need to AT LEAST be physically attractive enough to 'get your foot in the door' with a girl - so if you can't even get your foot in how can you even begin to show the girl your personality?

    In your case though what you are describing sounds like really severe social anxiety issues. Nothing I can really suggest to except practice being in large social situations more and then after a few months if you are still struggling with these issues seek professional help (i.e therapy).


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  • Okay, so I'm not beautiful or anything close, but I know a little bit about anxiety disorder. My husband was diagnosed with "Panic disorder", and I have a son that inherited a lot of his Father's disabilities.

    Please go to a Psychiatrist about this. It sounds like social anxiety. This is totally situationally based. There are a LOT of people who have this, but most (including me) generally don't think it is important enough to see someone about.

    I have other issues, but for testifying in court (for my job) I was recently given a beta blocker. This is non addictive. You take it when you know you will be heading into a situation that is socially awkward. Basically, it works in a non-evasive way. Basically it works to not allow your blood pressure to rise, which eliminates the anxiety.

    Trust me! This worked on a homicide trial I didn't think I could get through without having a panic attack! Yes. I had these anxieties for years, but after listening to professionals, I was able to do my job better (not to the degree I could continue, but it helped for the moment).

    Please friend me for more info, if you are curious about further info.

  • Physical appearance is only a foot in the door, what makes most women interested is the man's character. I went on a date with a guy once who seemed to have it all...he had the looks (looked like a Model), height, style, career, education, spoke 5 languages , nice car, and talented in many areas. I tried to like him butcouldn't connect. The flow of our conversations was rough. We had different relationship values and our core was incompatible. fir instance I embrace change.he prefers things to be predictable and steady.

    Especially. With beautiful women who are established they look for a man that offers emotional connection. They don't need a,man's money, car, looks. They got that already. Ask yourselves. This... what can you offer ouaside if that?

    Will you support their dreams

    Are you emotionally nurturing? Etc

    • so us ugly guys never have a chance , if we can't get our foot in the door (women never give us the privelage to talk to them)

    • Are you illiterate? Please reread. At what point did I say that ugly guys never get a chance? Why do some people twist meanings?

      Let me use the k.i.s.s method so you may understand: LOOKS ARE NOT EVERYTHING.

  • I like them

  • I personally find guys who are anxious sweet and I like them (I used to like one of them,but he rejected me,I guess he was scared since he'd never had any experience with girls). I guess you're asking if a bad anxiety crisis (a panick attack,I don't know) would be a total turn off: to be honest I think it depends. If I already like this guy,and it doesn't happen really often and then no,I'd noyt lose all interest in the guy. Also if you act normally in most social situations it'd be totally fine if once in a while you get a crisis. Social anxiety is a lot more common than you think, it may be an obstacle to relating to other people (especially of the other sex) but I'm sure that with some work you'll be able to make things a lot better! Since I read that you haven't problems in getting women being attracted by you you're already in a better situation than most people with social amxiety I guess. I don't think that every girl would lose interest over this. Good luck!


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  • I feel you on this, Im 32 and still a virgin. If a woman gets a hint of my anxiety she runs for the hills.

  • Well this is easy: work on solving your social anxiety problem. See a counselor.

    • are you dumb or something

    • I'm sure you could give me lessons on that. . .

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