Stretchmarks The Deal Breaker?

Ok guys. Picture this scenario: You meet a pretty and thin girl (5'7 & 128 pounds) and you've been getting to know each other for the past 1 1/2 month. You really like each other, have great chemistry, laugh together a lot and can talk about anything for long periods of time. However, you haven't realized/noticed that this girl has stretch marks on her arms (she's good at covering them up around you), hips and sides from when she lost weight as a teenager but you have no clue she used to be a bit chubbier back in the day. What would happen if you were to finally hook up with her and you saw them? Would it prevent you from wanting to actually start dating her? Feel free to be 100% honest on this, no need to be nice, I want the truth. Because I'm in this situation, I haven't hooked up with the guy yet but we probably will soon and I have no idea how he'll react.

PS: I've tried cocoa butter, Palmers, Nivea, Bio Oil and none of it has helped smooth them out. It's quite depressing actually.

Lol No, Jarett I don't suffer from an eating disorder. Why is that people always assume you lost weight by an ED? I lost by exercising 5 times a week and eating healthier. I mean, I still eat the occasional chocolate haha but I exercise so it's okay :)


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  • To be completely honest with you:

    Stretch marks don't matter to me on a girl. It's an imperfection that makes you human and not an angel lol. I've always been into bigger girls, so I've seen stretch marks quite often, & don't think much of them.

    Here's a personal example: When I got chicken pox in the 1st grade, I didn't listen to my mom, & I scratched. I have very noticable chicken pox scars on the tip of my nose, that look like craters on the moon, ever since.

    I'm not insecure about them @ all. To be frank with you, I never think about them unless somebody else mentions them, which is extremely rare, regardless of them being on the tip of my nose. I look @ myself in the mirror everyday & never notice them. In fact, I never thought about my scars in a LONG until I read this ? lol.

    Like I told you...imperfections are what make us human & not angels. A guy that like women, & not manufactured "perfect angels", will be like me, & not even give stretch marks a 2nd thought. :)


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  • To be honest, I know what stretch marks are, but I don't know a lot about them. How long do they last? But what you need to do is be honest with him. Before he sees him, just let sit him down and say, "I want to be honest with you. I used to be a little on the heavier side. Etc. "

    But I also want to make sure that you're ok in the head. Stretch marks come from kind of a sudden loss of weight, right? So how did you lose the weight? You're not anorexic or bulimic, right? You don't have problems with self esteem, or how you view yourself? Because to me, these could be bigger problems then the stretch marks!

  • Hey, you act like it's not a common thing. I was just wondering hun :o) There are TONS of girls that suffer from ED. I commend you and congratulate you on the loss hun. That is awesome, and I'm sure the guy won't care at all :o)


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  • We tend to be our own worst critic! Chances are you notice your stretch marks ways more than any one else would.

    It's great that you've lost weight and have a healthy lifestyle. Any guy that'd have a problem with you being heavier in the past and having a few stretch marks from it probably isn't worth giving the goods up to to begin with! Ya know?

    If/When you guys are intimate try getting frisky by candle light. There's something about it that seems to hide minor skin imperfections, and it adds to the mood :) Good luck.

  • If he truly cares about you honey, it won't matter at all. I think we all tend to make what we feel our flaws are more important than they really are. If he cares, he won't really notice them and be more into you.

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