Short guys are hot!


I mean look at 'im! This little sh*t is shorter than me and if he was like "wanna hug?" I'd be like "BRING IT IN MAN!"

Short guys are hot!

Ok so I'm kinda the odd one out with this one. First off I'm just going to say, yes, most women like taller guys but we all know that. The thing that I want to say is that, short guys, don't worry there are girls out there that love you just the way you are and I just happen to be one of them!! Yes we exist! Now let me tell you WHY short guys are so attractive to me!

1. I can talk to you at eye level

It so nice to be able talk to a guy and feel just really comforted by the fact that you are level with him. Like the thinking part of you (the most you part of you) is closer to mine and it's sounds super dumb but it suddenly makes the conversation feel more intimate which will probably be my favorite word in this myTake!

2. Huuuuugs

Hugs are just better with someone who is closer to your height. Like your chest and mine are squished together but I don't mean it in a sexual way it's just nice cuz it's so warm and awesome and then your arms seem to wrap around each other just right instead of when I hug a tall guy and it's either he has to bend down and that makes the hug just awkward because he's at an angle and therfore I can't quite wrap my arms around him to their full extent and only like our shoulder are really touching or him hugging his waist and my head is on his chest which is chill but I like my face to be closer to my man's face and I like to put my head on their shoulder and rest my cheek on their neck and its just so warm and intimate in the most innocent of ways!

And more!

Sorry that wasn't a lot but there's just a lot of little thing that I just don't have time to talk about it! All you short guys are just hot! Deal with it! Don't question. <3 please comment if you are a short guy or 8f you agree with me! Or if you don't it's a free country!

Short guys are hot!
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  • petitxpapillon
    It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who prefers shorter guys!
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  • ElissaDido
    I noticed that plenty of times, that sometimes, guys with the most beautiful faces are the shortest, but I still would prefer a tall man over a short guy, I don't want to feel like I'm dominating him..
    • security issues maybe

    • ElissaDido

      @Tormentarian more like preference

    • jjmarvin

      I think it's only your final sentence getting downvoted. I'm a shorty and you seem really cool to me except the last thing came off as a little ignorant ;)

      But i don't hold preferences against people. If i found out that my height, penis size, skinniness, etc., was one of the negatives of a girl i was dating i wouldn't care. I can't be forced to switch ALL of my preferences to what she looks like just because I'm having sex with her, and I'd never ask her to do the same.

      If the person your dating likes something different than you, you should be ok with it.


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  • MyLifeAndMyArt
    Idgaf about my mans height. Can he change it? no. If thats something that he can't change then i dont care
  • pinkbubble
    There is nothing wrong in a guy being short. The value of a man is not in his height but what makes a man is more than just that height number ^^ so short guys can be hot yeah ! And i hope people would stop body criticising its just stupid ><
  • Mustachekitteh
    I love short guys. Which I'm short myself barely 5'1"(154cm) Which my boyfriend is 5'4" and I think it's a perfect height to me. I don't have to kill my neck trying to look up at him. ^^ Plus it makes certain sex positions so much easier to do. :D
    • Nik1hil

      I am gonna donate some of my vertebrae from my back is I could get that spot

  • emmabee11
    I'm 5"7 and a half but i agree a guy at my height or at 5"5 can be really sexy, depends on who he is but i agree the hugs are better and you feel like your on a more equal level with them, i don't find taller men attractive at all... they tend to have overly large hands and feet... which i don't like at all... i feel like a baby putting my hand in a much older mans hand urgh... lol but that's just me... some girls dig having a big tall body to lye on but i do reccomend to try dating a guy smaller than you at least once or twice lol they tend to be just super cuddly people.
    • AbbyKay

      Haha yeah one of my friends likes taller guys but she was into this short guy (suuuuper hot by the way) for a while and she said to me that she gives the best hugs and this is after I told her that short guys give really great hugs becaide of x, y, and z so this was hevily debated between us and so we. She said the he gives the best hugs I told her "it's because he's short!!"but she refuses to listen. It's soooo true! XD

    • emmabee11

      The hugs are better because they can just go up to you, wrap their arms around your waist and his head reaches chest level (much to his enjoyment lol), they like the woman to be bigger than them, it's sweet how we are like their giant pillow teehee, it's like they are hugging a godess woman they love it so much.

  • WhatTheHellAmy
    If they look like Josh I don't care if they are 4 feet tall XD
    • Nik1hil

      You will date a kid, you go on an ice cream date and the guy will say to your boyfriend! ' Kid, she looks hot, is she your sister or your mom'. Seriously 4 feets is like my elbow... He will be luck everytime he hugs you he stuffs his head in beautiful ( . )( . )

    • @Nik1hil i was kidding dude lol

  • ninetynine
    Cute Take! Really sweet and positive.

    I wouldn't date a guy who's shorter than me (I'm 5'6), but I'd totally date a guy who's considered short or average by Western society's standards (5'7 - 5'10) if I found him attractive and liked his personality and whatnot. Not being "tall" isn't a deal breaker at all for me, although I do have a general preference for taller guys.
    • Eric644

      actually Josh Hutcherson is more like 5'6 and 1/2, so still taller than you :)

  • Alexei_Ustinov
    It's interesting you say this, I'm only 5'6", although I always wished I was a little taller I had an older woman tell me once I had "a nice short body", lol! Suddenly I didn't feel so insecure about my height, but I never had it quite put like that before!
  • Albinoninja66
    Try telling this to the chicks that only want 6'0 guys. Do they even realize that only 14.5% of the male population is that tall? They are cutting out 85.5% of males just over some shallow trait. I get it that people can be picky, he'll I'm pretty picky with women, but you shouldn't rule out so many people over one stupid trait. That's as stupid as me saying that I only date women that are 4'10 or at least have DDs. That's being too picky.
  • Starrk
    Short guys ftw.

    Anyway I'm 5'7 and I never had a problem with attracting girls. To be honest most of the girls ever attracted to me were girls my height or taller which I found to be ironic. Regardless of this, the internet seriously over exaggerate the importance of height in a relationship.

    Anyway this whole height debate among people is stupid. Both heights have their pros and cons, so i don't see why people are arguing with one another.
  • ConsultantIsBack
  • Destiny_
    My ex was shorter then me, he was cute but he thought that I was getting in the way of him skipping school, not so fucking cute anymore...
  • Tormentarian
    by the way, tall men have mortality rates, so we short guys can fuck your wives after the funeral of course
  • homper87
    Nothing wrong with a guy being short. I was madly in love with a short guy before. However, I do prefer taller bc of the hugs!
  • Klaatu51
    i thought it was a bait tbh... but wot i noticed first's yer pic...

    how's it possible for someone to have 6" hair and 1'6" head? sth's wrong here..
  • blondfrog
    Lol do you consider 5'7 short? Cool now this is a first to me lol
    • AbbyKay

      Yeah 5'7" is short and a very nice height in my opinion ;)

    • blondfrog

      Cool :P how tall are you?

  • PropaneAccessories
    I don't even have to fully read the take to shout out all my mates out there that are under 5'9 and conscious about their height... especially standing next to me...
  • Primarypoo2
    All my exes were shorter than me and it felt really awkward because I was like a small girl and to very one else he was tiny and I kept calling them my cousins name because they were all so small as him.
  • jjmarvin
    5'8" :3

    I've been told that's average and short lol. Feels short so I'll go with short

    And yea girls have still given me a certain amount of attention so some are chill with it
  • Phoenix98
    Might I direct your attention to a very real sport dwarf tossing.
  • Mesonfielde
    I agree. Also your mouths are in a similar height and therefore even making out is more convenient.

    There's a lot of convenience in being similar height.
  • Bvroon
    It's good to know there are women out there who can appreciate the short guy. Thanks for sharing. :-)
  • Jxpxtxr
    Such a nice take :) haha as a tall girl I kinda know how short guys feel as were the two "undesired" groups of people for others to date since, let's face it, most guys want a girl that's shorter and most girls want a guy that's taller so yeah we often don't match that :/ but aye, there are indeed some exceptions of open minded people that don't care about height, I literally couldn't care less about a guys height as long as he's not that short that it will give me a back pain from constantly having bow down lol (which is oddly what I imagine tall guys having to go through a lot 😂)
    • blondfrog

      how tall are you?

    • Jxpxtxr

      @blondfrog 5'10"

    • jjmarvin

      Pssh, that's totally doable. I'm 5ft8 and I'd see nothing crazy about dating a girl your height. Wear whatever shoes you want. Id date a girl that's 6ft2 or something lol, cuz as long as she's not super weird about my height i wouldn't be about hers

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  • MrPresident
    I love being a 1,70. When you hug women you can fell her chest pumping on yours, is soo good doe xD
  • ThatBritishLad
    Ten minutes into Rohan and chill, and he gives you this look.
  • Cryostatic
    I'm 5'7 - never had a problem finding girls who don't give a shit.
  • TripleAce
    Its all cute and fuzzy until you grow up and become a real women
  • MCheetah
    I'm 180cm, not even as short as him, and I've still never met a woman who didn't want a taller guy over a shrimp like me.
  • luckycharms7
    I don't know I'm 5'6 22 and still a virgin haha nobody wants a short ugly guy like me :/
    • AbbyKay

      Well I'm 5' 6 1/2" and still a virgin but I ain't blaming my height xD don't worry man

    • Your a girl and 16 lol its normal for a girl to be short ha when a guys short we get treated like were subhumans or something and I'm 22 being a virgin at my age is a bad thing

  • Nik1hil
    Nice try too bad you image is photoshoped, that guys height is 5.7 while your scale shows it around 5.3 avoid the puffy hairs...
    Have a look
    Rest is nice, I am too into a girl who look me directly into my eyes or I have to look up to her in the eye, but she shouldn't have to look to me in the eye and feel inferior, otherwise I am getting her heel if she wants or, if she wants to hug I will bend down and lift her up for our hug.. Like a little kid
  • DaddyRollingStone
    Notice how all these girls are saying they want tall MEN and not short GUYS?

    GG, Manlets, but it's time to go home
  • verticallyinsecure
    dustin hoffman is amazing, tom cruise and daniel radcliffe have greek god facial aesthetics, anything else? I personally am neither tall nor short (about 5'11'') and glad lol
    • but i must add, u are 16, when i was 16 i was much shorter than even josh hutcherson and it affected my life a lot.

  • biguyct
    im 5'8" but i was blessed with a good size penis 7" thick and cut
  • Exchange short guys with tall girls and replace gender pronouns to understand why I like tall girls so much
  • Frost_Byt3
    That makes me feel a lot better. Thank you ☺️

    by the way how tall are you?
  • BackInGame
    inb4 "short guys can be hot 'n everything, but it's not what i prefer, so no... wouldn't date.."
  • LorcaNovena
    There's a few insecure taller men in here, I think it's excellent. I wonder if they'll develop a name for these insecure pathetic chumps as they have done with insecure short men?

    I'm short and I attract women, probably not as much as my taller counterparts but if I am honest I don't really care much for being a ladies man or having a lot of interest from women, I'd prefer just finding one great woman instead of attracting five mediocre ones.

    My height has never bothered me, the same goes for my penis size, I am what I am and if a majority of women don't like it, well then the good news for them is that there are billions of other men on the planet, go and find someone else.
    • Eric644

      It already exists, it's called "superiority complex"

    • Eric644

      And yes many of those women will end up with jerks and after being abused and used up they will then settle for the short guys, but many of those good short guys will be married and have families by then lol, you gotta love karma

  • Ashely_Princess
    Short guys are awesome! :D <3
  • guitar94
    According to that picture, that guy's head is 2 feet tall
  • Nlouizy
    I'm 6 feet and I love being short, we finally made it guys!!
  • ChocEyes
    I gotta admit I have no idea about who that guy is.
  • thewhiteballer
    I'm 6 ft 6 so FUCK THIS!!! LOL
    yes they are. face is what's important.
  • Unit1
    Do I now have the right to feel bad about being 6 feet high? :P ;)
  • Polocrew
    Lmao he's like 120 pounds, And yep same goes for tall chicks. love em
  • BertMacklinFBI
    I did not know his height. fucking Hollywood.
  • babu_001
    "Short guys are hot!"

    - Only for short girls.
    • You say that like it's strange for us to want to be able to hug a guy without all the awkwardness.

      Plus they use your head as an arm rest. Tall guys are just arseholes XD

    • AbbyKay

      I'm 5'6 1/2"

    • @BaileyisDarcy It's only awkward because you make it awkward

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  • Dan2287
    I'm 6'3 - hell no to this
  • Blondeyy
    umm haha no they aren't
    • Eric644

      and that is your opinion

    • Blondeyy

      @Eric644 when is the last time you heard someone talking about a guy to her friends like "omg this guy i met is so hot he's sooooo short"

    • Eric644

      Height really doesn't matter that is just the media telling people that, a man can be short and attractive. Why do many women find Zachary Effron, Dave Franco, and Taylor Lautner attractive, they aren't the tallest men, a man's looks and physique can make up for his height, while some women are stuck up and will obsess about a man having to be some number on a ruler (that number is usually 72 inches aka 6ft) not all women are like that.

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  • AnthonyPaolucci95
    Would you consider me short? I am 5'8"
    • lovelywiz

      Yes I would consider you but that's mY fave height since I'm 5ft6. Guys that are tall are scary

    • @lovelywiz Oh, I think I understand you. You look at guys that are short as more around your height, making it more comfortable. Rather than having a guy that is tall, which could come off as intimidating.

    • lovelywiz

      Yes you got that right

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