Basic Flirtatious Techniques You May Use on Men


"How to I get him to notice me?"

Basic Flirtatious Techniques You May Use on Men

I know it seems a bit controversial for me to be giving advice on flirting to women when I've never flirted on a guy before, however, this isn't about what I'd prefer women do if I wanted them to flirt with me. This is about what I've legitimately seen work with women on and based off of personal experience, this is what I've seen work on me, and other men firsthand. From flirting with certain acquaintances that you've never met before, to flirting with an attractive crush, you will be able to entice your interest over to you, with simple flirting.

Staring at a guy can grab his attention, especially if it's been done frequently

When you're wishing to meet someone new, but are too shy or too nervous to make an approach, you're going to have to grab his attention somehow, and staring can easily get the job done. If you decide to look at someone, make sure they know that you're looking at them in order for them to feel the slightest bit flattered by your interest in them, or if you're afraid of becoming nervous given the circumstances that he catches you, look in his general direction. If they happen to catch you looking at them, either look down with a smile as soon as he catches you, or look at him and smile if you decide to look in his direction. I will say right now that many guys can be completely oblivious to women as far as their way of flirting goes, so you must make sure that he knows you're interested if you want the best chance of getting up, and doing something.

Eye contact flirting

Your eyes are one of the best ways that you can spark anything in anyone. Eyes are the windows into the soul, and because of that, you can display your attraction for someone as if your souls is crying out to them, begging for a chance at an intimate, romantic relationship.

Intense Eye Contact

Basic Flirtatious Techniques You May Use on Men

My personal favorite is what I like to call "Intense Eye Contact", where one or both of you were to look up and into someone's eyes as if you're witnessing the most beautiful things you've ever seen. You've likely seen a guy stare at you from afar (directly into your eyes perhaps), have their eyes dilated while listening to you, or simply stare into your eyes anywhere without smiling. Because intense eye contact is serious in general, the more serious you look, the more powerful the eye contact is, and that's why it can be more powerful if your guy isn't smiling. The more serious the setting appears to be, the more likely you should be engaging with intense eye contact, as you need to make sure you're interested and invested in whatever your crush is saying, or is trying to say to you.

Shy Eye Contact

Basic Flirtatious Techniques You May Use on Men

There is also Shy Eye Contact, another form of eye contact flirting. Typically done when someone is too nervous to hold normal eye contact, and it is constantly broken and reengaged. It can be seen as though you're uninterested due to your nervousness, however, you can also use this to your advantage.

Shy Eye Contact also has meaning behind itself, as it is unusual, but also significant. When people become nervous, it is because they care about what they say around you, or how they behave around you. When that happens, they also respect the person enough to care about their outward appearance. By using Shy Eye Contact, you are displaying your respect for someone else, also with a possibly attractive matter to men. In order to perform Shy Eye Contact, you must make yourself seem anxious, especially when speaking to a guy you're interested in. While you're speaking, only look into his eyes every once in awhile for a short period of time (depending on how long you are speaking). At every other time, look downward at your feet, and mess around with them in order to signify your shyness, but also smile to make certain that you appreciate him being there, talking with you. If you were to make a witty joke, make sure to look back into his eyes accordingly. Because you're nervous, you want to lighten the mood of things; make things less serious, and like I said, you are able to show interest in a guy while keeping a light setting.

Body Language

Basic Flirtatious Techniques You May Use on Men

Lastly would be body language. If you'd like a guy to get the hint that you're attracted to him, your body is definitely going to need to show it. It could be as simple as dressing up nicely for certain occasions relating to him, or flaunting out your body by pointing your feet in his direction, but the more you want him to do something, the better your body language will have to be. Of course, touching your hair is one of the common things you can do, however, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination. Rubbing on your thighs during warm banter, crossing and pointing your front leg towards him while sitting across, playful punching, or even touching his thigh while sitting next to him are ways that you may use your body to effortlessly spice up sexual attraction.

Although this was only a broad list, I really hope you enjoyed the myTake and learned something new. I strive to gain more experience about the psychology of emotion and how flirting can spark them in order to help other that need the advice or experience that I have. I hope to see the future guys coming to your attention.

Basic Flirtatious Techniques You May Use on Men
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Gonetowardthewind
    Too be honest I as a guy will never get flirting signs by any female, it's just not in my nature or character to notice flirtatious behavior. The only way a girl can get my attention is if she actually comes up to me and asks me out, that's how bad my body reading is. Also if I do notice a female doing this, I dont think it's flirting, I think that there is something wrong with my hair, or something on my face and I try to flatten my hair or wipe my face off. If she's still looking I look behind me because there's obviously some else behind me that she's looking for even though 9/10 there isn't. Then I get super nervous because there's obviously something wrong with me so I turn around and walk the other way.
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    • Lopezz1999

      True, its hard to believe I know, but you must accept that some women are going to find you attractive.. Believe it or not.

    • yko95

      so lets say a girl suggested to hangout and hike with you and you accepted. then had to cancel for whatever reason. should she still tell you she has feelings for you? bc the hangout wasn't a full on date was it?

    • Lopezz1999

      @yko95 Well what makes her feel the need to? If you couldn't go on the hike that day, maybe try for another?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Rosewanda
    This is helpful.
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  • JanetJa
    So I have a question for you then! What do I do when I want to make eye contact and HE has initiated it several times to show me he is very attracted to me, except he's SO attractive to me and alluring that I can't help but to break it and turn away as fast as I can since he is just so gorgeous. Like honestly, how do I fight my instinct?
    • Lopezz1999

      You don't have to keep it going if you can't do it. Being shy can be another form of powerful eye contact that you can use to get the message out loud and clear.

      I like to think of it this way.. either she's confident and attracted, or shy and attracted (or not attracted of course), and you're just as obvious.

      If you're looking for a way to stop being so shy though, all you'll have to do is practice the eye contact with other people, or other dudes. You'll have to get used to looking everyone in the eye in order to warm up to him.

  • Quintessence
    Eye contact. There have been so many studies done on this. Seriously, you can forgo everything else--body position, how you dress, smiling, etc. and it's still possible to succeed with eye contact alone.
  • Lman3000
    Hmm this don't happen to average guys like us but for more attractive guys I can see this being more helpful to them, Even so when are guys good at reading signs probably not very good and never will not everyone can see it and most guys don't know how handle it alone unless they have a wing man or something I'm just saying
  • alice98
    I want an explanation about the second point? can you write me a private message?
  • scooogy
    If a girl flirts with me that way, I want her to show clear signs
  • Anonymous