How to Get the Girl in Three Easy Steps


How to get the girl in three easy steps
Guys, here's the story. Girls, we're complicated, end of story. Thats something that is never going to change, so if you want the girl here is how you get her.

1) Compliments

Never, ever, ever, ever compliment a girl only on her looks. Sure she may be pretty and be sure to tell her that, but if that is all you are telling her she could get the wrong idea. Instead tell her things like, I love the way you laugh, or how pretty your smile is, or even I love when you do that weird but adorable quirky thing. whatever that may be.

2) Gestures

Cat calling and whistling are definatly not on a girls agenda of attraction. lets face it, women like to be treated like princesses, and it definatly won't hurt you to hold the door open for her once in a while. Simple things like that are definatly going to catch the eye of a significant other. pulling a chair out or opening the car door for her? definate yes'es.

3) Showing her you care

Showing her you care falls under a pretty big umbrella. you see showing her you care isn't simply getting her a teddy bear and a rose. (even though that may be appropriate for Valentine's day) Showing her you care can be as simple as remembering her favorite thing to order at starbucks, or what book she is currently reading, or any projects she could be involved in. Another way of showing her you care is to be there for her, if you see her upset or obviously in a bad mood dont try and joke around with her or make her laugh. becuase its probably not the best time. instead LISTEN to her, help her be there for her. Another way of showing her you care is respecting her, dont sit and tell your friends what a great ass or what a great rack she has. Treat her like a lady, because that is what she is. End of story.

How to Get the Girl in Three Easy Steps
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