Best Conversation Starter EVER!


Whenever you’re attempting to figure out what to say to a woman – and then, if and when she does reply back, thinking about how to react effectively by knowing what to say and do next – your ability to adapt your game.

Your Conversation Starter!
The very next time an attractive woman catches your eye, you no longer have to wonder, “What do I even say to her?!”

Now, instead, use this completely customizable conversation starter anytime, anywhere: "I'm so glad I'm not the only one(who)________"

Best Conversation Starter EVER!

You can use this at the club or the bar, at a grocery store, in line at a coffee shop, outside in the cold weather; whatever, whenever, wherever!

Some examples:

(At a bar or club)

  • “I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves this song.”“I’m glad I’m not the only one having a good time.”
  • “Glad I’m not the only one not drinking tonight.”

(On the dance floor and she’s sweating)

  • “Glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s hot as fuck in here.”

(Out on the patio by a heater)

  • “I’m glad I’m not the only one freezing my balls off.”

(In the grocery store)

  • “I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves [insert whatever item she just put in her shopping cart here].”
  • “Glad I’m not the only one who can eat the hell out of some Extreme Nacho Cheese Doritos!”

(During [insert current holiday here)

  • “I’m glad I’m not the only one celebrating Mardi Gras like a boss!”

(During [insert current event / concert etc. here])

  • “Glad I’m not the only one who rocks out to Justin Bieber, one of the strongest female vocalist :P!”

This conversation starter is amazing for several reasons:

  • Its versatility in adapting to fit any social situation
  • Its ability to nonchalantly communicate a commonality without coming off as trying too hard to build a connection
  • Since it’s a statement, not a question, almost any response she gives can be perceived as her attempting to build a connection with you (that meansshe likes you), and in fact…
  • She doesn’t even have to reply back – you can still transition smoothly into a conversation!
  • Now it’s time to strengthen your ability to improvise spontaneous conversation by learning how to customize this conversation starter to fit your own unique needs!

Be sure to create your own unique variants, but just to help you get your creative juices flowing:

Did you notice a girl order your favorite latte while you were at the coffee shop? Perhaps go with something like:

  • “I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s addicted to caramel lattes!”

Is your cute coworker yawning early Monday morning?

  • “Glad I’m not the only one who partied like a rock-star all weekend!”

Posting your variants of this conversation starter will inspire creativity in others, and when they list their favorites, it will allow you to generate even more ideas of when and how to implement it!

Remember to actually use your conversation starter variant and try it out several times while focusing on your fundamentals. In the beginning, just to make it easy, you don’t even have to continue having a conversation, just deliver your conversation starter, take note of her reaction, and move on!

Best Conversation Starter EVER!

*Sorry for the last picture, just too funny to me :D

Best Conversation Starter EVER!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ThisGuy42
    I'm going to try this just because I can. It might work. Talking to girls is hard for me. If this works you have my thanks. If it doesn't I'll tell you how stupid you are lol.
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    • Anonymous

      Oh man so much is riding on this now :P
      Just be relaxed and have fun with it. The more stress you put on it the worst it ends up.

      Best case you flirt with her. Worst case you have another enemy in the world haha

    • ThisGuy42

      Lol yeah pretty much.

Most Helpful Girl

  • spuitkaas
    This is kinda true actually. You try to relate to someone and that's a good way to bond with people.
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  • Kyndra
    Despite what many people are commenting, this would actually work on me. Obviously it wouldn't make my panties drop but like you said, it's a conversation starter. And easier to respond to than "what's up?". Seriously the only thing better than this would be if a guy came, saying "How you doin?" because then we'd start talking about Friends.
    And I liked the "freezing my balls off" the most, it gives the girl a chance to say something funny/playful back.
    • Anonymous

      Lol the ones looking into it on such a deep level are just looking for reasons not to talk to girls. Exactly it's not meant to make you fall in love but it's would probably get her to smile back and engage in a conversation :D

  • DivaMonae
    Okay you had me and then you lost me with "I'm glad I'm not the only one freezing my balls off." isn't that something you should be saying to a guy considering we don't have balls and unless you're gay I'm pretty sure you wouldn't do that/use that pick up line.

    But anyways nice effort.
    • Anonymous

      Haha that was bit extreme on my part to prove a point.

    • DivaMonae

      Sorry I like to be right lol

    • Anonymous

      I'll allow it. I never said this was meant as a pickup line, just a way to start a conversation.
      I mentioned women because guys will be interested but overall this could be for a normal friendship as well as something more.

  • Hannah591
    A simple hi with a smile is adequate but this would be a cool way. I like an opening sentence which shows confidence, humour and charisma - this does it!
    • Anonymous

      Yeah that's what I usually go for because I'm more social but a lot of guys who go with the "hi" approach freak out and don't know what to say and end up being "creepy"

      By doing this you start the conversation with something you guys can both relate to.
      Just a beginners trick if you will haha

  • Scrambled
    The most amazing thing about this post is that it's taken from a pick up artist book. The amazing thing is how the ladies agree to it on here? Considering the mention of a pick up artist initiates a women's "I-can-spot-a-players-bullshit-from-a-mile-away" meter. Just saying.
    • Anonymous

      I don't think girls mind it but the thing is more along the lines of what the guy's intentions are. If a guy genuinely likes a girl then there is nothing wrong with it, however some guys just want to get laid and move on and that's where it's a problem.

    • Scrambled

      If you don't want to get laid and show this to the girl you will put yourself in the friendshipzone. It doesn't matter what the guys intention is or what he says, it's always in the delivery of the line or conversation.

  • S3xyS0rc3r3r
    Great take! It doesn't matter whether you copied and pasted from somewhere, what matters is that you helped us!
    • Anonymous

      It was more of a personal social experiment to see if girls could spot some things like this even though it's taken from a "pick up" artist but yeah if it helped you out then great! lol

    • You are very smart lol it seems girls are really easy prey for pick up artists! They claim they don't want players but when they come up with those lines they turn on

    • Anonymous

      Lol it's more about the girls who say they can spot one from a mile away but the thing is these guys are so natural they never notice a thing. Although I should point out I'm not for tricking women into having sex etc... but guys should actually know how to approach women they do like but are afraid to make a move on.

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  • PiuBelloAmante
    LOL i will try this later just for kicks!
    if it works you will have changed the lives of young men everywhere
    • Anonymous

      Might as well haha worst case scenario you get an acquaintance

    • or she just looks at me like a fucking weirdo lol!
      whatever it happens lol!
      gonna try this in my Anthropology class
      "i am glad i am not the only one who hasn't got the textbook yet"

    • Anonymous

      Lol worst case scenario.. one less women to distract you from class :D

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  • Nicolás25
    yup just what i expected some stupid advice from a 19 year old kid who has read a couple of P. U. A blogs and now wants to teach us on how to pick up girls... get out of town man you will just look like a try hard saying things like
    "i am glad i am not the only one who partied like a rock star this weekend" that might work on party girl bimbos but most girls will be like ok? that came out of fucking no where. Just because i yawned? wtf?
  • DarkHumorRUs
    That just sounds too crappy.
    I bet half of you will start saying it to much and it'll get too gimmicky for everyone around you, and everyone will hate you.
    • Anonymous

      If you can't say something that short with a cool and confident vibe then I think you need to stop with girls

    • I don't know... maybe I'll try it. It just sounds like something a douchy TV character would say at a bar. And then canned laughter would follow and I'd cringe as I watch.

    • Anonymous

      Just do a chill one and smile a bit when you say it.
      If you see a girl at a starbucks you can just say: I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to caffeine

      She'll look at you laugh and say something like: Yeah i don't know where I'd be without it

      You can say: Hey if anyone understands that it will be me, I can't think of a time where you'll see me without some in hands... I'm (name) by the way.

      She'll smile again and say... I'm (name) nice to meet you.

      Then just keep the flow lighthearted it's easy.
      I can't right an entire script for you but you get the gist right?

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  • StopLookingAtMe
    What if she responds with "I'm glad you're not the only one using that line!"?
    • Anonymous

      Then she's being playful and you need to tease her back... pretty easy. Unless you can't think on your own 2 feet of a good comeback. If you can think of something good it shows you're witty.

    • Take owner: or she actually doesn't give a fuck about you

    • Anonymous


      I guess he can move on to the other billion women on the planet because she really is irrelevant.

  • CincinnatiRedsfan
    This is great advice! Unfortunately, most girls under 30 still think it's "Creepy" when guys approach them in public places.
    • Anonymous

      It's all about the approach. You need to seem playful and laid back and not like a predator/creeper lol

    • It really doesn't matter anymore. We're living in a virtual world and girls think guys approaching them in person is "creepy"(unless you're a rich guy of course.)

  • Longblackveil
    is tiger woods trying to cheat on his girl again in that picture?
    • Anonymous

      Lol you know that's not him right :P

  • pekarino
    Hitch was a great movie it was a movie tho and the lead rôle was will Smith just saying
    • Anonymous

      I do enjoy Hitch :D

  • AllWomenLie
    I'll just say I'm rich and have a summer home in Hawaii.
    • Anonymous

      Then try pulling out a large amount of cash, that will them lol

    • I could I guess

    • That's such a turn off.

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  • GoldCobra
    It actually doesn't matter what you say, it's more important the way you say it. If you need further proof i can show you a vid but i doubt anyone cares
  • Zango91
    The best conversation starters are compliments. Throw in a compliment to begin with and everybody wants you hear you talk more.
  • PsyNoodles
    My favorite conversation starter that seems to work fairly often is "Hello." Try it out it might work for you :P
  • PhiOmega
    I'd nvr call anyone a f***k boi, but this game bs is for exactly that

    "Let me remember these lines half drunk because I don't know how to talk... 'I'm glad my balls are cold!!!' Wait that's not right?"

    Now my joke line :P

    "Im glad I'm not the only one who has a boner looking right now" 😎 ayyyyyy
  • pshah2
    What about best openers in texts for:

    a) Girls you just met

    b) Girls you already know, but are nervous as you fancy them!!

    c) Same as (b) but they are long distance.
  • MikeHunt_IsReady
    I'm so glad I won't be the only one touching my balls tonight.
  • Phoenix98
    Yea I could see that working in almost any situation.
  • Tiptoes777
    What's the matter with my old favourite.

    Can I borrow a quid Missus?
  • Yeahhbro
    hahhaha this is pretty awesome, bounding its pretty important. So this helps a lot.
  • neofuture
    This better than all of them and works everywhere "Fornication sutch... I mean for an occasion sutch as this..."
    i just say slow down, you're gonna get a speeding ticket...
    • Anonymous

      Because she has "fine" written all over her :D

    • I_M_LEGEND

      lmao i didn't even see that hahah good one

  • Icarus45
    Looool I found this take so interesting and funny xd
    • Anonymous

      Lol it's supposed to be taken lightly :D

  • JustinX9
    "I'm glad that women will never like me"
  • rocksongwriter
    And then what do you say next?
    • Anonymous

      Lol are you serious? It will all depend on what her response is then you just have to go with the flow of the conversation.

    • What if it's like this:

      (On the dance floor and she’s sweating)

      ME'': “Glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s hot as fuck in here.”

      GAL: "Yeah."

      ME: "Um..."

      (So then what do I say?)

    • Anonymous

      (On the dance floor and she’s sweating)

      ME'': “Glad I’m not the only one who thinks it’s hot as fuck in here.”

      GAL: "Yeah, this heat is driving me crazy **laughs"

      ME: "I'm _________, what's your name?

      Her: I'm_________Nice to meet you __________

      You: I would have never guessed that would have been your name but I like it it suits you!

      **You've paid her a compliment that wasn't about her body so she's warming up to you, she'll probably ask you something about yourself to participate in the conversation so you say this...

      Guy: "It's really loud in here, do you want to go over there and get away from this heat"

      As long as you haven't acted weird/creepy she has no reason not to go with you as long as the location is safe. So just point somewhere a bit more quiet and fresh air.

      Then just keep the conversation flirty and fun. Not overly sexual. Don't talk about your sad life or her bad experiences. Make her think you're unpredictable and fun to be around but still be yourself.

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  • micheal727jovanie
    Brilliant take
  • just-a-guy101
    i think it's idiot just go and say hi
  • luvme56
    Haha... that last pic... ok so is #glad necessary?
    • Anonymous

      I was being random lol

    • luvme56

      Well i am GLAD that you were random! Lol

  • StickStickity13
    This is actually a good conversation starter.
  • The_Empty
    That's a black dude with a white chick.
    • Anonymous

      So you have eyes, that's good.

    • The_Empty

      Just pointing it out, m8

    • Anonymous

      You said in as if it's a problem. Is it unusual to see that race together?

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  • random305
    Good one .
  • yufawan
    What chat? How to don't talk
  • Anonymous
    Wow this is mind blowing.
  • Anonymous
    Im glad I'm not the only one answering your question, LOL!
  • Anonymous
    Lol interesting idea, have to try it instead of panicking and hyperventilating!
    • Anonymous

      Lol that made me laugh haha

  • Anonymous
    "God I'm not the only one freezing my balls off"
    Girls don't have balls
    All of this is so cheesy
    • Anonymous

      Cheesy with the right confidence can be cute and charming lol

      Obviously girls don't have balls lol that was just to demonstrate it the multitude of ways to do it

    • Anonymous

      1) cheesy men are dumb and immature in my opinion. I would ignore men like you. Or fake laugh and use you for entertainment
      2) serious men are better
      3) since girls don't have balls it's a terrible way to demonstrate anything. Don't treat a girl like a "dude"

      Men like you think they have game, but in reality don't

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for letting me know babe :3

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  • Anonymous
    And all the wannabe pick up artist flock to this post. wtf, why is everyone think they can learn game just buy reading a book. i guarantee the poster got this lame shit from a book.
    • Anonymous

      I already explained this was a social experiment to see if girl recognize pick up artist's work.
      So the point of your comment is... what again?

    • Anonymous

      hahaha my point is your still lame as shit! wannabe PUA tryna "AMOG" me lol.

    • Anonymous

      You're**learn to spell please.

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  • Anonymous
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who plagiarizes other people's work. Oh wait, I don't, but you clearly do. Shall I link to the actual author of this article, or shall I spare you the embarrassment?
    • Anonymous

      I didn't say it was mine but yes, I did read it and was interested by the process.

    • Anonymous

      You seem to be taking credit for the authorship in other comments. Perhaps the honest thing to do would be to update your post to include the link to the actual author, since it is paid for content?

    • Anonymous

      I'll make sure to do that next time, you're right. Takes aren't like questions anyway I can't update once it's been published out.

  • Anonymous
    I'm glad I'm not the only guy with a nine inch dick.
    • Anonymous

      I'd love see the situation where that would come upp :D

    • zora88


  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Where's the commitment lol you're missing 2 periods

    • Anonymous

      Haha no the emphasis is on BEST. IDEA. EVER. then you say the other part really fast in all caps. SOUSINGTHIS. (all smooshed together = super word speed)

  • Anonymous
    Umm.. okay fair effort.
    • Anonymous

      Lol you have s better idea, I'm all ears for criticism

    • Anonymous

      A not s

    • Anonymous

      I'm not criticising you -_-

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