Perks of Being Talkative

Perks of Being Talkative

The picture has nothing to do with the post but it's from a movie where the girl is shown as loud and talkative, so yeah.

In my previous question some people were interested to know the perks of being talkative. A little reminder: I'm not encouraging anyone to go out and become a chatterbox. I just felt like everyone talks about how annoying and stupid talkative people are, and as much as I'll admit some talkative people ARE like that, it's really disturbing for me that I'm always bashed.

Please, never judge a person by seeing their one or two personality traits, I've been insecure af... until I realized that my habit of chattering is one of the reasons I'm myself, and I would never be in the position that I'm in right now if I wasn't talkative, I love myself no matter what people say.

I am from a country where people, especially girls are expected to be quiet because talking too much a bad manner. Smiling a lot is considered immature, laughing is considered stupid, girls being loud are considered shameless/immodest, and girls are not supposed to show their teeth while smiling; you could easily tell how much I'm criticized for doing all of those above, for being true to myself.

What if I say that being talkative is awesome in its own way? It's the best thing ever if you KNOW how to make the most of your talkative-ness.

We easily learn by communicating, and we're courageous.

People in class call me hilarious names like Radio and Microphone. Which is not that bad because I'm never afraid to ask our teacher the silliest questions even in sex ed classes. I have a confusion and I want to be clear. If I don't understand the lecture then I can just ask him to repeat. I'll regret not doing it when I'll sit in the exam hall!

Sometimes my classmates insist me to talk to the teacher/principal on behalf of the entire class. They know I'm not afraid to talk about our issues. All our complaints, requests, demands, questions. Interestingly I'm very chill when I talk about these issues. Mostly the principal appreciates how open I am, and she takes me seriously. This also helps when I talk to doctors about my issue, I let them know my problem with details.

We're open-minded and easy-to-understand

This is one way you can easily trust people like us. We talk about the weirdest things and make it sound normal. We understand that certain topics that are taboo are actually important to talk about. You can easily understand our mood by noticing our talking style and pitch of voice. Even from out quietness you can tell that we're having some issues that we don't wanna talk about. You can even tell if we're lying cuz once we do, we keep chattering nonsense or it's just our faces. We suck at lying.

You could even tell that we're listening or not. When we listen, we get curious to know more and ask a lot of questions. You talking about a hilarious incident on a birthday party? How was the cake? What flavor was it? Was it yummy? What was the birthday girl wearing?

We're curious.

And that is yet another reason we can learn quickly. We want to learn. We enjoy it. If I understand 99%, I'll keep asking again and again until I understand 100%. The more we ask and talk, the more we learn. And by that I mean learning anything!

We can learn a new language very easily.

When I started my first Chinese course, I became a fluent speaker within 6 months. I used to chatter with all my Chinese teachers outside the classroom a hell lot. I wasn't embarrassed for my wrong grammar/pronunciations, and teachers always corrected my mistakes. My dad loves to take me with him when he goes to the restaurants with his Chinese colleagues. Best of all, my fluency in Chinese language has made me a participant in international competitions. All teachers say it wouldn't be possible if I wasn't talkative. I didn't mean to say that quiet people cannot learn or they have poor vocabulary.

As much as I'll admit I learn by talking/conversing, quiet people keep absorbing information and knowledge through listening, observing and reading, I appreciate that as well. Cheers to all people you're awesome the way you are. :)

Some of us hate gossiping but rather talk high about people.

That slutty girl in our class everyone gossips about, and then there's me "Who cares she dates a lot of guys? She's actually a sweet girl, and that day we had a nice chat, she's really warm-hearted" That goofy boy in our class only gets bad grades cuz he doesn't study, he's very intelligent. I've been in touble many times simply because I observed the best traits out of the baddest boys (and girls).

This comes in handy when we compliment people. Oh, your dress looks so pretty! Damn your makeup is on fire. I love your hair! Aww, those shoes! Hey, you lost weight! You're simply goals. Do you even know how pretty you look today? And so on. I love complimenting strangers in occasions. That being said...

We love parties and occasions.

I remember on my sister's wedding I was heartily welcoming the guests and sometimes even complimenting some girls who looked nice. I really enjoyed doing it.

On my cousin's wedding I pursued all my cousins to join me and "hold a gate". It is a fun thing the little siblings and cousins of the bride do over here. We block the entrance so that the bridegroom party cannot enter, and we kiddos all demand a huge amount of money because they are taking away our eldest sister. The way I bargained about the money with the groom's siblings was hilarious.

Even when I go to weddings start talking with the bride and take selfies with her despite not knowing who she is. I go to birthday parties and start playing with kids.

As a result we have very strong bonds with even the most distant relatives. :D

We are fun, we love having fun.

We are not always humorous but we're always funny. It could be for any reason. We could be very childish, dramatic, clumsy, anything. I often end up laughing at my own jokes. I'm all about the memes of that one friend whose laugh is funnier than the actual joke. Everything we say is funny and adorable because we speak our hearts out. You'll never have to doubt any of our actions.

We're just ourselves, the judgment is up to you.

It is your choice to believe that we are energetic and true to ourselves, or annoying and attention-seeking. It is your choice to believe we are bold or we are immodest. It is your choice to take it positively or negatively.

Excess of anything isn't good, but let's just accept that none of us are prefect. I love being myself, buy I know I should avoid unnecessary chattering. I know talking too much at a point of not letting others talk is a bad manner. I know what I'm doing when I'm doing it.

One more thing: This is out of topic, but I have to say this. There is a misconception that only fools talk too much, it's not true. Being talkative mostly has to do with emotions and not intelligence. I'm not gonna say that I'm highly intelligent or the smartest person, but I can safely say my intelligence is above average. I talk too much but I'm also a sharp student who gets good grades. Not all people are the same. Yes I fall in trouble but I mostly don't mind it, except when someone is judgmental.

It is okay to not prefer talkative people but don't just believe in stereotypes and insult all of us out there. I was badly bullied in school because of talking and being loud, and as a result even now I find it difficult to socialize with my classmates. When I'm sitting with a poker face in class, my heart is being chopped into pieces due to anxiety.

That's how serious bullying can get. I tried to be a quiet girl, and it just doesn't work that way. Once I even tried screaming very loudly to lose my voice. And now that I'm typing this down, I'm remembering all such bad memories so I guess I need to stop here. Hope you all learned something from this MyTake. It's not the best one because it's my first post, hopefully I'll get better with this. :') Thank you for reading such a huge post, you're amazing! :)


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  • all good

    however as a drawback with the more talkative girls it can be a challenge to know if they are really into you or just being nice.

    • I agree. I'm genuinely nice to all people and they assume I like him or something. My ex would say I always flirt with boys.

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  • i really like natural talkative/energetic girls
    im like laidback most of the time, but my natural "talkative"/loud behavior will come out next to such girl, its really attractive

  • jab we met was a awesome movie

  • I say what I feel like saying then shut up. I let things happen naturally.

  • I'm selectively talkative lol.

    But there are downsides when it comes to women being talkative sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not they are into you or just a talkative person.

  • nice list but i hate when someone is really takative iam much more chill and laid back

  • I mostly keep to myself but if anyone talks to me, I instantly become a chatterbox.

  • Good one

  • Those are just simply Extrovert quality,

    😂jab we Met😂

  • It's too much speech!!


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