The common nice guy syndrome


The common nice guy syndrome

So as I was talking to my friend, he talked about his youth being "ruined" due to some difficulties; one of them being:women. He said he couldnt get a girl cause he felt like he couldnt talk to them and as i thought, he had the common nice guy syndrome.

He said, he couldnt BE honest with a girl. He just couldnt be himself. And thats what defines a modern day nice guy from a bad boy. Nice guy emulate and start creating a new "me", which is modeled to the liking of the girl.

  1. The girl likes hip hop, so i have to like hip hop to
  2. The girl likes hipster clothing, so i do to.
  3. The girl hates a certain type of ideologie, so i do to.

We have no real men, because of females being our primary guides in life. We dont want to "dissapoint" the women of interest cause it may turn them off. We can't look at their figure or ass, cause we may seem perverted. We can only throw roses at them.

Im not saying bad boys are the shit, but at least we have bounderies. But we dont do it to do it; we have reason. Ill never say to a girl, your hair is ugly. And when she asks:why? I dont respond; i dont know it just is. Ill say cause of the color or something related to it. When "bad boys" argue, we dont attack the person, we attack the subject; give valuable reasoning(related to it), we admit our mistakes, let the others talk, and WE ALWAYS REMAIN CALM.

A nice guy gets sweaty,starts mumbling, attacking you with madness and even if he were winning, it seemed as he is losing cause he is losing his CONTROL. Girls love someone who can control themselves and lead their lives without stress. Who are confident for what they stand for. Cause someone who values themselves is confident. And confidence is key.

A nice guy will always fade away when talked about sex. But this is maybe the best example: You get called out in class for having a crush/sexual interest on your classmate:

  1. Nice guy: will shy out, deny it in every language. Start shouting, show nothing else but vulnerability which ofcourse opens door for more provocation.
  2. Bad boy: will plainly admit it, be honest about it. Laugh with it, even compliment the girl like: How could i possible not fall in love with someone that attractive/with that sex appeal. Closes door to any further picking, since he confirmed it. IS not shy about it.

Nice guys will pedestal women over budget. A bad boy won't, cause he is in control of his life. Now their is a difference between a bad boy and plain jerk/asshole.

  • Bad boy: won't insult to gain power, is funny,intelligent.
  • Jerk/asshole: will insult for power, is very cocky, likes to show off his sex life etc..

A bad boy will always stand out, no matter what or how. He won't even do it on purpose. May it be his life dreams or the way he talks or is. You can tell he is bad. He owns his world, the female enters his world but dont expect him to bend or budge for you. Cause he'll leave you like you were nothing. He doesn't overthink it, he just does it.

Cause when around females, bad boys have this natural charm and charisma/sex appeal. They make her laugh. The way he walks,acts. He is not fake, he is real. Everything he says is nothing else but the thruth, the girls mind games always backfire on her.

You can't "become" a bad boy. Cause you're being raised, by your enviroment. And you can't change that, you can dress more like or act,talk. But at the end it won't be you. You can stop being the nice guy by not flowering her. Being honest, compliment when needed, draw a line when needed. Dont be like an ankleweight on her. Cause when all ties down, she'll choose the bad guy. Cause he isn't desperate and looks like a good protector. He is stronger physically and mentally. AND stands out.

The common nice guy syndrome
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  • cruisinbomb
    Look, after having actually MET females in a real world invironment, my own "mother" included, I have come to the only logical conclusion: They aren't WORTH chasing. If they don't approach YOU, they aren't interested, and if they aren't interested, why waste your energy?
    • Drake

      maybe your approach is wrong

    • Wade888

      His approach isn't the problem.

      The older you get the worse it gets too.

      I am or was, the guy women were supposed to want, and they never do want me.

      They didn't want me when things were going right in my life, and they certainly don't want me in tribulation.

      If you're a good guy, you won't get a good woman by approaching her and asking her out or being nice to her.

      You will have to lie to her and treat her badly, and tell her you'll pay her for sex or something like that, and then she will want you.

      I will not do it, however.

      The difference between "Wife" and "Whore" in America is that the Whore admits what she is and puts out more, while the Wife doesn't admit what she is, and doesn't put out as much, and then divorces the guy on his first screw up and draws alimony forever.

      How do I know this?

      I watched it happen to my cousins and friends.

      there are websites specifically devoted to teaching women to use the law to rob men... LEGALLY.

    • Wade888

      Have I been damaged?

      You're damn right.

      I've never even been on a real date before because I've been rejected by EVERY woman that I've ever been interested in, no matter what technique or approach. I do what they say they want and it never works.

      Yeah I've been hurt. I'm heartbroken. You can't counsel that away (tried that), and you can't medicate that away, and you can't pray it away, and you can't ignore it away, and you can't talk it away.

      You're 18?

      I'm telling you teh truth:

      Women Love money, and they hate men, but they fuck men once in a while for their own pleasure, or just to keep him paying..

      Women love money and they hate God, but they use the name of God to bait men.

      If you want to try to live a Godly, moral life i this world, prepare for hell.

      Is it worth it? Sure. It's eternity at stake.

      Is there a reward in this live? I've never had one, and I'm still standing.

      They will mock you. They'll frame you for crimes and they'll rob you and spit on you.

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  • john2
    We do have real men. I'm not gonna lie, I went through that little nice guy phase but not to the extent you described. But after one major break up I've found balance with it. I'm a gentleman. Does not mean a gentleman can't fight trust me. Got proof and they are together for like 24 years. We gentleman aren't cocky. I will tell a girl no, will notice if a woman is trying to get this that and the third out of me, I do not fear her breaking up with me. If she does I'm not gonna chase her. And if we break up I will not be jealous if I see her with another guy. You do not need to be a bad boy to get girls.
    • Drake

      well bad boy doesn't define gangster, its one who has his own bounderies and life rules. He wishes to be different and lead. While nice guys can't lead, cause theyre afraid of backslash. Thats why girls "hate" them.

    • john2

      even if a guys nice he can lead. If a guy doesn't understand that then yeah he's definitely a nice guy. But some nice guys can be aggressive as fuck and don't wanna show it cuz they might be a little worried it'll scare you girls too much.

    • Drake

      true, cause they make women look like gods. whilst women are the same as us. thats why nice guys femenise themselves

  • KBob93
    When the guy plays hard to get, it makes us have to work like we don't expect ourselves to. And it makes it all the more worth it.
    • Drake

      true, because girls like to be challenged to, until a certain extent