Do you believe in the alpha/beta bullshit that PUA douches always talk about?

Last night I was checking out a new bar with some of my buddies and there happened to be this huge drunk douche that was talking really loud and annoying everyone. He was pretty tall and muscular and was talking about alpha and beta males and bragging that he was the most alpha male in the bar loud enough for the whole bar to hear.

This went in for about 15 minutes and what happened next might be the most amazing thing I've ever witnessed. This quiet guy who was drinking alone and looked pissed walked up to him and said

"Excuse me, did I hear you say that you are an alpha male?"

Drunk idiot: "Damn straight, got a problem with that punk?"

Then the quiet guy knocked him the fuck out with 1 hit and went back to his seat. The big dude literally fell off his stool and on the ground. Everyone in the bar except for the douchebags friends started clapping. Amazingly they left without trying to kick the guys ass probably because they knew everyone in the bar would help him or he would probably kick their ass on his own. We bought the guy a drink and it turns out he's a MMA fighter. Badass.

This goes to prove my belief that Real alpha males don't ever have to mention that word or brag. And I think a lot of bigger guys actually are not as good at fighting because most guys won't fight them because they look intimidating. But in this case it's really not about size at all.

Either way I'm definitely going to look into doing some MMA training.
Do you believe in the alpha/beta bullshit that PUA douches always talk about?
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