Does She Think I'm A Creep?

I am a very shy person... As a result... I have never kissed a girl, never had sex and I am bad with women. Lately, I have come out of my shell, and I am able to get numbers now and I've been on a 4 dates. I have a date once a week now. Unfortunately, during the dates, since I am afraid to make physical contact (holding hands, touching back, shoulders, etc)... they lose interest in me.

I had a date tonight... and I boldly told the girl before the date via text that we were going to kiss tonight. She told me that if I have game, then it's on.

My date with this girl was the best date I had. She was engaging, fun to talk to, was interested in me and what I had to say... and the conversation was good. Since I didn't know the area, she showed me around and we got a drink and talked. We both just shared a bottle of bud light

Towards the end of the date, while we were walking, I decided to break my shyness. I nervously took her hand. At first, she seemed kinda put off by it, because she didn't know what I was trying to do. Once she saw I was grabbing her hand, she went along with it and squeezed my hand every once in a while.

I got a little nervous... so I started jabbering on about the sites in the area and asked her about them. This went on for about 5 minutes. I don't know if she sensed my nervousness... but she said that she had to leave because she had an online quiz due at midnight. Before she left, I asked her for a hug... then a kiss (my first kiss, just a peck) and she did both. Then... I blurted out... "I told you we were gonna kiss"... then she said playfully, "it was supposed to happen". She told me to drive safely and we both left... and I told her I would contact her later.

Do you think she ended the date like that because I took her hand and acted nervousness? Do you think she likes me? Did I come off as creepy?
Does She Think I'm A Creep?
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