I rejected him, will he ask me out again?

Hey guys

I had summer class with a guy. The class session was about 2 hours and 4 days per week. He is cute guy and I still see him every once in a while. Anyway, after the 4th session of that class, he asked me for a date. I said no and I felt that he was disappointed. After that it was kinda awkward, but we got over it and we pretended that nothing happened. I was shocked that he asked me for a date and for that I said no. He is 24 years old and I am 20. I do sometimes see him and he would come and say hi even if I wasn't noticing that he was there. I wonder if he will ask me for a date again. I am trying to get over it, but I honestly do sometimes think about him. What do you think? Is he interested anymore?


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  • is he interested anymore?

    he WAS.. and you said NO..

    is HE going to ask you out again? I don't know princess of the universe.. let me check with my male bible.. oh crap.. apparently.. it says on page 1 that every man on earth will have to spend their entire life catering to your needs and wants.. and chase after you..

    is this for real or are you just trolling?

    he asked you out.. or in other words.. made an indirect statement (I am interested in you)

    you rejected.. or in other words.. made and indirect statement (I'm not interested in you)

    from that point on.. why on earth would he try again?

    if you're interested in him.. then it's YOU who has to take the initiative and not just "make contact" (which is meaningless).. but actually ask him out (voiding the previous rejection and telegraphing that you are also interested in him)

    but since it doesn't take a psychic or psychologist to see that your ego and pride will probably prevent you from doing such a thing.. you should just forget about him..


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  • What a frosty bitch.

  • I have never been accepted as weird as that sounds...I just give up and only speak to women when spoken to 1st..Ask him if he is still available!

  • just talk to him and ask him if he still wants to do whatever you 2 where gonna do...

  • As a guy, I would NEVER ask again if rejected ( & I can tell you, I've been rejected many many times). But this guy may well be different...


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