What does it mean if a girl says "youre silly :p"?

I've known her a little while, hung out two or three times. But mostly just been discreet business partners and seen eachother for about a minute or two on most occasions on a weekly basis, lately I have not done business with her so she texted me "do you need anything?" Being the person I am (joking kinda, not sure the proper words to describe) when I read the text hours later I responded "yeah a date for Friday lmao" to which she replied "you're silly :p" my text wasn't supposed to imply that I was asking her out. But I do in fact like her and kind of like the idea. Was that probably her way of saying she isn't interested? Or should I assume she's hoping I was actually asking her? I don't know what she meant and I don't wanna make things too awkward.
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Also, any suggested response? Please don't try to confuse me :p
What does it mean if a girl says "youre silly :p"?
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