Why won't he ask me to be his girlfriend? Am I too impatient?

So I've been seeing this guy for almost a month. We went quick quickly, in that we made out on first and second dates - and I stayed at his place on our third date and we slept together. Since then I've gone over to his place literally every weekend, and we are pretty intimate towards each other. When we are outside, he would always hold my hand, caresses me, carry my heavy bags, holding on to my hand when he's driving and we are always giving each other little kisses. He always hold on to me so tight when we are in bed and it feels so warm every time. I asked him before if he was sleeping with someone else and he said no. When he asked me back the same question, I said I was not either. There was one time when he asked me to come over to his place and I said I wasn't sure if I wanted to and he replied me in a text asking me if I think me and him are worthwhile and if I think we are wasting our time as we should be killing to be spending time with each other...Why would he be asking me this question if he thinks that we are just casually seeing each other?

Last weekend when I stayed over at his place he mentioned something about how he is 'with' me and that he is seeing me. Whilst walking, we saw a lot of couples holding hand and he asked me a random question like 'why do I see so many couples nowadays? is it because they see us got together and then decided to get together too?'. We have done everything that a couple do in a relationship and the only thing missing is the official status - he never asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I realized now that my feeling towards him is growing and I am slowly falling for him. My conscience tells me to ask him directly the next time we meet - about our status and if he ever wants us to head into the relationship direction? Do you guys think that he will freak out if I ask him this question to clarify our status? I've been hurt so many times before and I'm just so afraid of getting myself into the same situation. What do you guys think? Any comment is greatly appreciated.
Why won't he ask me to be his girlfriend? Am I too impatient?
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