Is it possible to meet that stranger again? And please help me how to overcome him?

So last Friday (April 3rd, 2015) my family and I went to Hundred Islands. There are a lot of Islands you will need to tour and can pick where do you want to stay like a beach resorts. Fast forward. So we picked the quezon island. When I'm swimming in the beach, I'm alone, I mean no friends with and full of strangers are swimming, my family are in the cottage. So I decided to rent a life jacket and lay my back to the water and relax. I opened my eyes and there is a very good-looking guy who got my attention, he's all alone, laying also his back in the water. He's wearing a striped t shirt and me also, violet and white striped sando. After a minute, I decided to sit at the shore and look at him, he looked back at me like a 5 seconds. My mom called me to take a picture with my cousin so I left him first. When we're done taking a pic, he went to their cottage and took a sit, I'm still looking at him. After a minute again I caught him looking at me like 3 seconds. So yeah I'm attracted to him. I don't know tho. Fast forward again, he already took a shower and changed his clothes, in a black t-shirt I think. So I decided also to take a shower and changed my clothes to striped t-shirt so I can talk to him. But when I'm combing my hair, he and his family went to the store and walked by in front of me and he looked at me again like his saying "I want to meet you so bad" so they are going home that time. I don't know maybe I'm just assuming but it's true that he looked at me many times. So I wish I could talk to him that time and exchanged phone numbers. Yeah so how do u think? I'm still thinking of him and can't stop. Help.
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Is it possible to meet that stranger again? And please help me how to overcome him?
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