He heard me talking about him?

Today after play practice my friends and I were talking about this really cute guy. We were just hanging out with him and another guy, and we were talking by the bathroom. I said I wish we could just ditch the other guy, and hang out with him because he is so cute and nice and perfect. As we went to go back and get our stuff, I noticed he was getting a drink of water right next to us. I don't know if he heard me, or thought that I was saying I wanted to ditch him, not the other guy. Either way I really like him and I think he might like me, or at least used to. After that we walked home and he was ahead of us but didn't say bye like he usually does or talk to me. What do I do?
He heard me
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+1 y
My friend said he didn't hear us. But I really like him how do I play it cool? He is also a year younger than me if that makes a difference. And he also stares at me and smiles.
He heard me talking about him?
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