My crush hugs me from behind?

So , there is a girl (my crush) that has now started hugging me from behind, she hugs me the frontal way too and she puts her arms up around my neck and shoulders and I hold her waist. She also tells me "I love you, David", while we hug. She hugs me from behind and won't let go, she holds me pretty tight. She puts her arms around my torso. She also does the "I love you" thing then too, Does this mean anything? Or am I just wishing for something that's not there? I don't know how flirty she is with guys outside where we are, but inside where I am I am the only one she's like that with. she'll talk to other guys but I'm the only one she's this touchy with.

I've had people tell me she's flirting with me but I can't get it out of my mind that she's not and I'm kind of getting played or whatever but it doesn't feel like she do that, but I can't shake the feeling. she told me she had to talk to me about something today before I left, she hasn't told me yet she said she'd text me about it.
My crush hugs me from behind?
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